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    That red is really looking nice and shiny. I also love the idea that you are going with your own obscure chapter. It harkens back to the rouge trader days before there were all the rigid 40k fluff fanboys. I recall playing a game with a guy who's chapter were the "Pink Floyds". And yes they were a bright pink squad.

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    Cheers krule, things are a lot different these days, I think 2nd edition was the last one I bought and we didn't really have the internet then, the only fluff you got was little snippets in codexes and white dwarf, it's much more fleshed out these days, my main sticking point with making my own chapter is usually the chapter badge, I'm ok at freehand into but I don't think I could do something to complicated consistently over a lot of models , but with this I can just use a black Templar transfer and paint a tiny blood drop in it.

    I didn't get much painting done tonight mostly just getting started on the arms and head but I did have a go at sculpting a tabbard for the sergeant, this took way too long and there's some scratches in it, I didnt want to do the torso because of the grenades strapped on there plus these guys are meant to be quick so I figured a more lightweight approach would suit it better, I think in the future I'll have to use an armature or something because this was hell to make as a free standing thing, once it's dry I might put something where it joins to the belt, maybe a little purity seal or something
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    Looking good, good thoughts its not a toga party!
    Yeah I used paper clips when I did the cape of an infinity character, worked pretty well and stayed in place while drying.

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    Tester marine reporting for duty, need to do the knife and backpack and probably touch up the squad marking shoulder pad. I used a transfer then painted over it in black which is going to be a pain to do for every mini, I think the fast attack one is probably the worst though the others are more simple shapes

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    Tester marine is a success !!!!! Go hit em sickie !!!!!!

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    Tidy volumes and highlights going on on those legs Sicks....good stuff

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    ​Hey buddy, you seem to have missed your finger on a few of those brushstrokes and gotten paint all over that little model you're holding. Metallics on the fingernail are looking terrific, though.

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    Cheers all, just the base to go and I think I'll call him done. You know me Saint, painting my thumb is half the fun

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    I also had a 2nd attempt at the sergeants loin cloth, I've actually painted it black since this picture but its harder to see in photos, it's not perfect and there's a couple of places it's not smooth but hoping it will either smooth out during painting or I can pass it as rips or battle damage
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    Noice, Sicks! Tester would make most wargamers envious and I think the loin cloth looks pretty damn good! Keep it up!

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    Nice looking reds on that marine. You seem to have gotten every color ,tone,shade,nuance, on your thumb-nice work there too. Toad started this. Anyways envíos of sculpting ability I’ll never have

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    Thanks guys, I've been inactive for a while, I came down with a cold and also had to have a root canal done which didn't really leave me in the mood for painting, I fancied something a bit different from space marines so I picked up the Skagen shadespire set, on this first one I messed up a bit, they're the easy to build kind of minis but I like to glue them anyway, unfortunately the glue on the little peg thing dried a bit too fast so there's a gap around the arms, on the rest of them I'm just going to cut the peg/hole bit off and glue them like normal minis, mainly worked on the armour and cloth so far, first time trying verdigris too on the shield symbol thingy

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    Glad you are feeling better. The ratman has a nice creepy pallid flesh tone going.

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    Cheers mate, I got me some crazy bright paints too I was surprised that the white is actually a metallic white, I was expecting a super bright white but metallic is useful too
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    Really interested to hear your thoughts on those fluos Sicks...what’s the range like? Are there any blues and how do they stack up? Always found orange green yellow and red good in the vallejo range but the blue is woeful.

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    Least I can do after nicking your glowy green water idea haha, here's a shot of all the colours (which has come out upsidedown lol)
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    The blue and purple seem quite dark to me, I haven't tried them out yet but when I think fluorescent I picture neon colours, maybe when mixed with white or a bit of yellow though it might come up to a neon colour, it does however look good for an osl effect as a darker blue glow from a lighter source. I've only tried the green so far (and a quick cannot the white on my hand to see if it was metallic) the rest of the colours look super bright, my time is mixed between building Lego for Christmas presents and painting at the mo but I'm looking forward to experimenting more

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    try golden hi flow fluros if you need brighter blue, purple maybe scale colors new range. those look nice though and the green was lovely and well applied!
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    Cheers Zab, after some experimentation they mix well with white paint, it'll be a bit of a pain having to possibly mix blue white and yellow to get a bright blue but it might just glaze easily over white, need to see if I have a plasma gun somewhere to test it

    For the base I decided I wanted it brighter so I could use the green for the glow, now I did try using the white metallic that came in the set with some yellow but it looks strange, maybe I'm missing the point but I think a regular white would have gone better in the set, after that didn't work out so well I used an off white (p3 menoth white highlight to be exact) mixed with yellow and glazed over the green. These paints are pretty translucent as it is (it took me 4 or 5 goes with the green to cover the white in the first place) so glazing was really easy, I tried putting a bit of yellow over the green on the ripples too. I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing with the rats, be base coated and tried to put a bit of green and yellow shine on them, I feel like their fur on the top parts should look really dark next to the glow of the water but I'm not very well versed in osl, getting to a point now where I'll have to think about adding the arch thingy to sell the glow effect. I'm also not sure how much glow there should be on the surrounding stones of the flat section, maybe a little bit just on the edges of where the water is

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    That green really glows next to the darker pavers of the sewer floor

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