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Thread: Sicks' humble WIP thread

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    I am just adding your thread to my list, I had lost it If you already don't know I can give you a trick for free hand, you can use the finger of the other hand " let say I am left handled I will use my right index to hold the brush in place when do free hand, to help have more control". I learned that in a Bohun tutorial.

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    Sen - sational- AND WE KNOW A THING OR TWO, cause we’ve seen a thing or two- we are farmers - bum badum bum , bum bum bum!!!;

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    That's a great tip tero, I'll have to try that out. Cheers bam you crazy farmer lol I had a bit of an accident and her arm came off but it's all good, the layers had built up a lot and the light source didn't match the rest of the mini so I stripped the sword and arm and put it back on, I was hoping to have made progress but my son's been ill today and I haven't had the energy ( only about 2 hrs sleep last night)

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    That NMM approach is definately the way to go on that one Sicks....dont be disheartend with the TMM though.

    Been using the vallejo model air metals recently with a glazing medium as they flow better and seem to have a better density of pigment. Less is more with the main paint as well I think...a basic basecoat enhansed with ink glazes and a few super thin layers of highlights keeps the clag down and allows a slow build up of tone.

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    Thanks mate, believe it or not the nmm attempt made me more positive about tmm too, I feel like I learned a bit about light placement and such on metals so I know that my problem with tmm is more practical like how to get smooth blends with them, I only have one VMA metallic which is aluminium, at the time I needed a good light silver for highlighting but it's got excellent coverage, I might try base coating with that and using the s75 metallics over the top (which can take quite a few layers for a solid base coat). I think I will stick to nmm for this project but I'm feeling more positive about another tmm attempt now too

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    I'm also trying to paint my latest mini in NMM style, also using Scalecolors and it's not that easy. Especially the sword, I already stripped it of paint once because i was very unhappy with the result. Practice makes perfect, eh?

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    Practice definitely makes perfect ha, I've honestly not picked a brush up for a few days, with the schools coming to a close for Christmas there's been quite a few of m kids performances I've gone to see an I started building up another base for something I'm expecting for Christmas, nothing substantial to show yet though... Soon maybe

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    You know me and how I feel about practice 100s of models yields 1000s if he’s yields greater skill set!!! Or something like that!!!!))

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    Get to it Sicks , we should organise a paint pledge for Christmas ,everyone has to paint something over the Christmas break ,get us guys that haven't done much for a while back into the swing of things ..
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    Not a bad idea terra, at the moment I'm a bit stuck waiting for stuff, I've got a diorama in the early stages but that's quite a big project, I'm waiting for some minis to come through for that and with birthday/Christmas coming up I know I'm getting some more minis so m trying to avoid distraction this week lol

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    Name:  IMG_20171218_132551.jpg
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    Here's what I've been up to, the figure is just for sizing (I think he's roughly the same size as kingdom death models) the wood isn't glued down yet and I'm not sure if the supports are too big, I plan to trim down the planks to make a short jetty. The plan is to use paint to create an illusion of depth with water under the jetty and tentacles reaching out of the water

    Name:  Pinup-Warrior-of-the-Sun-new-2_1024x1024_enl.jpg
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    This is figure going on the base, I'm basically trying to take the idea of her gaming base and expand on it though I will most likely have to scrap the tentacle she comes with because I doubt I could sculpt more that look the same. Think I also need some more details on the base, particularly vertical so maybe some spikey rock formations or tree stumps or something, I might wait until I'm allowed to open the mini (which is sat under the Christmas tree ) and see how I feel once I've built her

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    That’s an ambitious project. Def right up your ally!!!

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    You know me, full of big ideas lol,just got to finish up the modelling of the base before I get distracted by something else

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    looks an interesting start. will look forward to seeing progress.

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    Here's an update, it's slow going because there's a lot of waiting for stuff to dry but the bridge is made and added some stalagmites, not sure if I like the stalagmites but I plan to do another one on the right hand side,bridge isn't glued down for ease of painting purposes an I'll needs some nails added, it's getting hard to tell what's what as everything is white lol, hopefully it'll be ready to prime tomorrow

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    Looks like a brilliant project Sicks. Going to be awesome once you start getting paint down. Looking forward to following

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    Thanks fox, I'm hoping to get started with paint either tonight or tomorrow, I've added another stalagmite so I just need to wait for that to dry, the tentacles can be added later so I will probably work on those while I paint the main base, any tips for sculpting tentacles would be great, doesn't necessarily have to be octopus type tentacles, it's kingdom death after all so it wouldn't be unheard of to have giant penis tentacles.... Though I don't fancy that idea much lol

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    the base is looking good so far, looking foward to seeing paint on it

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    Funny you should say that, I've been putting some paint down, picture if you will a beam of sunlight coming in through a hole in the roof of the cave, at the moment the part where the water will go is quite glossy, I'm not sure if that will show up after the water is added, trying to go for a look of extreme depth so that the bottom is just very dark but I'm a little worried the unevenness of the bottom will show through

    Name:  IMG_20171221_141654.jpg
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    That's going to be one cool looking base, I love the idea. Do you have the tentacles you're going to use yet?

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