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Thread: Sicks' humble WIP thread

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    Thanks flu, I don't have any tentacles yet, I have a theory on how to make some but not so sure about suckers

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    Green stuff or polymer clay probably your best bet. I would do the tentacle section first then let it cure/bake it and add the suckers after.

    moisturiser is your biggest friend with green stuff...lube up those tools....ewww

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    Or chapstick or use silicon shapers - but yeah keep em from getting sticky to get a nice smooth finish when working with GS.
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    Cheers guys, when I was making the base I did have a quick go of using clay around a wire to give the rough shape as a starting point but the clay is not very good for that task, I do have some greenstuff though. I thought about rolling up some balls that get progressively smaller and thread them on a straight piece of wire with a gap between them, once dry I could then bend the wire to pose the tentacles and then fill in the gaps and think about details, I also thought about putting little biting jaws on the end but I want it to appear like they're part of a larger unseen beast (if the creator of KD happens to see this, I've coined the name penisquid, you can have that in exchange for minis ). Jokes aside I'll probably do 2 or 3 tentacles, don't want to overcrowd the base but the tentacles and water were the main idea of the base

    I found this image somewhere in the depths of Google which led me to where the base is now, I don't think I'll do red for the tentacles though, I plan to do the figure in blue clothing so not too sure what to do the tentacles,the water will have a greenish tint which is already close to blue on the wheel, I could possibly try an analogous scheme and do purple tentacles but I'll see what takes my fancy, I might still change my mind on the blue

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    If you are going no down the polymer clay route then it can be helpful to start off any wire structures with some greens stuff as it will grip better and prove a key for the clay

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    I don't know how easy Wrath of Kings models are to get in the UK, but the Orsund Cavalier comes with two sets of tentacles. Plus you get a cool model to paint.

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    Me likie alottie!!! That’s Italian for I Likie alottie!!! Lol

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    Thanks guys, for the moment I'm going to attempt scratch building some tentacles, looks like there's a UK online store that has wrath of kings so I'll keep that in mind flu, I've made a start on the first tentacle, just laid out the shape so far but we'll see how I get on with it,

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    Quick picture before bed, it's not much to look at just yet but it gives an idea

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    I give you 10/10 for the weathering effects on the pliers Seriously coming along well!

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    Love the light and dark areas of the cave floor.. can definitely picture a beam of light coming from the top!
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    Thanks is guys,I wish I could do weathering that good tero lol,gladthe light beam idea is working too. Couple of things (aside from tentacles) left to do on the base, first I need to darken the bridge support, the light beam should also be shining on the bridge but not as far forward as its support (I'm hoping this will help draw focus to the mini on the bridge) I also need to add nails to the support X and the bridge itself although I'm waiting before working too much on the bridge as I didn't really take into account how I'm going to attach the mini to it so I'll wait til I have mini in hand and decide whether I need to remake that part.

    Not had that much time today but I did a bit more green stuff work on the tentacle, after the picture last night I noticed it was coming straight up out of the water so I moved it a bit so hopefully it will be coming more from in front I've bulked out the bottom and the tip a little bit and did a few test suckers in the middle (which was the only dry bit) think it works well but once the whole thing is done and dried I'll add a bit more gs down the sides to blend them into the tentacle so they look less tacked on (a more practiced sculptor might be able to do that off the bat but I figured better to do it in steps then get frustrated when I inevitably crush something I didn't want to lol) you can also see the rock colours a bit better because the bridge isn't in the way here

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    That would look sweet Sicks ,I'm seeing it come together now ...
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    Thanks terra spent an hour or so finishing off the sucker placement tonight, once dry I'll attempt to blend them in with a thin strip of gs down the side
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    You’ve done a bloody good job on that Sicks...should be well happy with that!

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    Cheers mate, pretty pleased with myself haha, the perfectionist particular me is a little annoyed that some of them are a bit chunky or too big/small but it's not a big deal they're mostly out of sight from most angles so I can live with it

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    Nature is asymmetrical mate, I wouldn’t worry at all. You’ve done a damn good job on this tentacle.

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    Good good, mmm want calamari now...
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    Thanks is guys . No way tero was it your birthday yesterday too? Happy birthday mate I didn't get a lot done but I did get the mini for the base built up, happy accident but she's a bit bigger than my placeholder mini but the scale of the base works better now

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