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Thread: Sicks' humble WIP thread

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    She's looking great. I really like the red cord around the staff. Gives a nice bit of contrast.

    I can't help but notice that your gallery is a little out of date... ;-)
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    Thanks yeah I've not uploaded anything since sprogrot, I was hoping to get better pictures of red to upload but I've broken some of the tree so I don't know whether to upload what I've got or try and fix her and get some more pictures to upload, I've just done this mini though so hopefully that will be in the gallery tonight

    I've got some more diorama ideas which I hope to do but they might take a while to complete,especially as some of the minis aren't even released yet lol

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    That little highlight in hair was great!

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    Really coming together wonderfully!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkelettetS View Post
    not bad at all, i really dig the colors!
    lol..probably because these colors look to be right out of your color pallette

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    Default gallery picture is up, as always comments and votes appreciated

    And here's a shot of kev in early stages, his face looks a bit rough at the moment but it'll get fixed
    Name:  IMG_20160314_174237.jpg
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    Commented and voted. I like your early work on the new figure but I think those eyes could do with a bit of a clean up before you carry on with the face.
    Miniature painting takes a little brush and a lot of patience.
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    Thanks yeah I've just clumsily poked it with black and white so far, I got carried away with the clothes afterwards instead of fixing the eyes

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    WOWOWOWOW! So fast!! I couldn't even comment ^^

    I liked that blue girly! In special the palette you have used on her, really great job I even like her more than your previous work on red hood.!!
    This star wars character is looking very good too, I like that red-violet robes, specially with the light green sabre.
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    Thanks maenas unfortunately the star wars guy had to go for a dettol bath, I noticed a nasty paint clump on his face and figured he was early on enough that it would be easier to strip him and start over than try to fix it, but I will be keeping the colour scheme like that, I think the dark colours will help show up the osl better (if I can pull it off that is lol)

    Also thanks to anyone who's voted and commented, comments aren't showing up for me yet so I'll just have to assume they all say I'm awesome and you want my babies (reality check incoming!)

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    Voted and commented. Looking forward to Kev's basing and paintjob...

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    The piece was exceptional sorry for my fat fingers. 10/10

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    Thanks guys comments are working now, looks like I've set the bar higher for myself now, I've had a few days with not much time to paint, I'll children do not give you much time to yourself (even less than usual) but I have restarted my Jedi, his clothes have come out a bit more purple than I originally intended but I thought I'd post a picture to help keep me motivated
    Name:  Moldiv_1458433698898.jpg
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    The blues and purples of that cloth are outstanding Sicks.

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    I like the leather effect. I agree that the purple rocks!

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    Thanks I need to work on the skin next I think, trying to decide whether to have him completely bald or with a bit of fuzz on there, never tried the latter so it's a bit daunting but also all the more reason to try it, need t plan out the osl too, I had a quick go at it before I stripped him but I went a bit overboard lol, I've not even started his base yet either, I have a vague idea for it but nothing solid yet

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    Looking good so far Sicks, and luckily you can do competition-winning flesh tones, so you got this little Jedi covered

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    Ive attempted some hair fuzz and stubble, I remain unconvinced lol maybe when the rest of the skin is looking better it will help
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    Name:  IMG_20160320_144741.jpg
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    Last edited by Sicks; 03-20-2016 at 10:51 AM. Reason: Forgot pictures

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    Maybe it's slightly too blue, but other than that I think it works. Put some highlights on it, to reduce the blue tone and to accentuate the volumes and I'm sure it will look really good.
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