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    Thanks mate.

    With the Dio I basically see everything made of wraith bone, I know they make weapons and armour from it too so it makes sense that simple stuff like paths and steps would be made of it too. I like the idea of ambient lighting, the scene would be at the beginning of nightfall (I mentioned earlier that they sought shelter from the cold which apparently could kill a chaos marine in seconds) but there is mention of lightning strikes lighting the city, there's no mention of snow so I'm thinking of some kind of frozen water feature to shoethe cold, maybe some of the dead guys are starting to frost up or their blood might be freezing too, typically I see warp storm pictures being red but I need to avoid that since there's red marines and blood everywhere already.

    I'll try and describe my general thoughts and options, I haven't drawn out a floor plan yet just been mulling over the ideas. There's 2 main options for the exact moment to capture, 1. Just after he's killed his own men with him and anyone who stayed loyal to him charging towards some emperor's children or 2. Mid slaughter of his own army which is possibly a better choice to depict the actual betrayal. I'm thinking to add a bit of interest one side would be a little raised section with perhaps some stairs, kharn at the top of the stairs like he's about to jump down, everyone behind him is dead with plenty of blood effects, maybe if there's some suitably posed legs I'll have one just dying and falling down the stairs (the kharn sculpt looks loke he's just swung his axe without stopping) then some guys down in the lower section mostly alive or fighting amongst themselves (they started fighting over the remaining shelters to try to survive the night) by this point in the story they had already been saying war with the EC all day so most stuff would be destroyed already, maybe if I can figure it out some fire effects too since kharn has just burned down shelters but that might be a little difficult.

    Been driving myself crazy collecting ideas and information for it but I want to be ready to go when the model arrives

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    Cool cool it sounds great !!! Going to be a killer scene (mind the pun)...
    I’m sure you will figure it all out, seems a lot of thought has gone in already!!!
    just thinking, despite the amount of red in the scene, if you were quite clever with your highlighting and OSL as such to depict the twilight/setting sun you could quite easily use a red/orange effect. Would Work well with the highlights on the marines etc, and could be quite pleasing to the eye with complimentary shading in green and/or blue tones... just a thought???
    But hey don’t let my suggestion sway you, I’m just spitballing ideas I’m sure you got a good grip on what you would want the scene to look like.

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    Spit balling is good, I put all the ideas in the melting pot until I come up with an idea, a sunset might work but I'm not sure how easy it would be to convey that's what's going on, the eye of terror is a weird place so I don't even know if there's be a sunset, it seems like it's open to make anything up, it's classed as a demon world but outside of this one battle the planet isn't even mentioned anywhere (including notable demon or eldar world's on the wiki)

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    So maybe the above gives an insight into my project planning, although that particular project is taking more thought than usual, normally I have a lot more freedom with my only restrictions being is it sci-fi or fantasy but this one is kind of like a historical scene, I have a fixed colour scheme for the models and a short description of the setting which imposes some limitations

    Below is another lesson to be learned, these were 2 attempts on the same figure from my attempts at nmm yesterday, both times I got frustrated and couldn't see the effect working at the time and now she's taking a Dettol bath to strip the paint. However looking at the pictures this morning I can sort of see it starting to work so the lesson is if you're getting frustrated sometimes putting it down and coming back later helps you see it with fresher eyes and maybe work out what you want to do to fix it

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    That's a shame you aborted, as it looks like it was coming on ok. I'm sure the 2nd attempt will be better still though .

    But yes yes a cautionary tale, try to sleep on something first before doing anything drastic .
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Yeah, perhaps they just needed that special something to bring them together. Never mind, every mini is a learning mini.

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    Trying again on a different one, here's how far I've got then I realised one arm goes right across the chest blocking most light, tried to add a bit of reflective colour but I'm still not seeing the effect, this time I'll put it down before I strip the whole thing lol
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    That first axe looked like it was pulled out of a Frazetta who foolishly stripped it?lol

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    I think work on your grey scale, then you can glaze over the blue to increase the interest. If you can get the black to white looking good you can do anything!

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    Thanks guys it's good to know I was on the right path at least,if I'd sorted the blends out I probably would have been surprised with myself. I've been looking around a bit and it seems like my colour selection was fundamentally wrong, I've seen a few places mention that the colours they use for nmm steel are actually dark brown, a light blue and white wheras I thought paint itinerary a black to white gradient then glaze in colours afterwards so I'm going to try the other method next time round. Likewise with the other lady the grey I've used on the armour is quite warm and I think it's what's making it look like stone, the first lady is out of the Dettol now, I just need to spend some time with a pin scraping off the last few bits of paint but I think i will try that one again.

    This all loops back to the dragon Huntress, I basically got as far as having to do her weapons before frustration set in, hopefully if I can get this down it'll give me the boost I need to finish that off too

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    Yeah sicks this is what I was trying to say with the goblin and any other piece bud. Try to at least totally finish it before making any judgments. I know it’s frustrating at times but like you said look at it at it with fresh eyes day after day until finished then wait another day if you still don’t like it. I say all this cause I’ve broken models under my foot,Janet will tell you no lie 100dsod dollars . Now the rule is don’t break it but instead sell it on the Etsy page. The pint is when I looked again at my broken models they looked really good but at that point it was too late they were squashed. Btw I really like the axe you sold the effect on the first one and the second one.
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    I can be a bit thick skilled about stuff, I can be told or read about stuff a hundred times but until it clicks in my head it doesn't stick lol (metals are a prime example, I must've researched and asked about it at least 20 times but until it clicks I won't be able to get it to work)

    Luckily I've never broken anything out of frustration but I do have a box of shame with half finished projects, if the excitement goes halfway through a project they end up getting forgotten for the time being

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    Look bud it happens to everybody who does this craft. The other point I’ll make is we are our own toughest critics and the point is this is due to no human being ever gets into something they show interest in to do things -MEDIOCRE- humans are just not designed that way. So just know we all get it. It’s all normalcy .

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    Yeah I see it a lot around here, there's certain members like yourself, tenball, Andyg and bailey, sproket skeletette etc. etc. who seem to have a great understanding of almost every technique or at least enough of them to get the results then there's plenty of others in a group somewhere between high intermediate or lower high end skill levels that have things left to learn but we still strive for it because that's the only way to learn, I've said it before and I know you have too, you can watch videos and read articles until you're blue in the face but without sitting down and getting the practical lessons from trying and failing until it works out. If you go back to the very first page here the first comment was from tenball about glazing and smoothing out the steps between colours, it's taken me 79 pages worth of work but I'm now comfortable with it, I wouldn't say I've mastered it because there's likely ways to do it faster but give me any shade, mid tone and highlight colour and enough time I can blend them seemlessly

    That ties in to the decision for nmm, I have much more difficulty with blending metallic colours mainly because of the reflective nature, what looks blended from one angle doesn't look blended when the light hits it differently (it's also a pain to photograph) so my theory is to learn metals using nmm and then the principles are the same with metallics. Something else that's pushing me is that there's a lot of models I think twice about before trying, I play to my strengths and end up picking things without much metal involved but it's a skill I need to get a grip on to broaden my options

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    I'm about to plough into the NMM wall head first as well Sicks on my rats....should prove interesting.....(or potentially cripplingly frustrating)

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    I've been hanging my head against a wall with it lol, I watched the painting Buddha video with the stormcast again and stuff started to click, mainly the actual colour choices (don't use grey!) And he goes straight from a base coat to the extreme highs and blends back, this really helps see the metal effect quickly which has helped me work out what I'm doing as I go

    Here's where I am now, this is all done this morning

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    It needs smoothing out and I want more contrast, sadly I've never tried the loaded brush technique which Ben komets makes look easy and super fast but I can at least see where I want to go with the axe now which is an improvement

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    That looks awesome, Sicks! Looks like you're definitely getting the hang of it. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the concept and am scared to try, lol. So I commend you for taking the plunge and frickin killin it!

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    I normally bypass the front page and come straight to the forum but I noticed Zayna got an extra 10 or more votes out of nowhere since this morning, I'm pretty pleased about this (it's a first for me)
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    Also since I'm here, I'll share a quick update, cheers btw octavian, I've picked up a few little pointers along the way that I can share out as a complete noob intro to nmm (stuff that's helping me learn at least)

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    This new axe head is outstanding. I can’t get to grips with loaded brush either, or really any of how Ben Komets does things.

    Keep it up though mate

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