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Thread: Sicks' humble WIP thread

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    Looking good, Sicks. Love those skulls!

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    Thanks s+s I started up a thread hoping to demonstrate my point in your thread

    Hopefully people will take part but at the moment it's just me

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    the legs are coming on grand.

    Ill have to see if I have any of my earlier paint jobs to hand and post in your thread. sadly my first ever paint jobs where from years ago and long lost.
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    Same here just took the earliest me I still had pictures of which at the time I was really pleased with but you can see how dated it is now

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    Nice idea! I might try and do the same.
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    So I'm pretty stuck with these chains, here's where I've tried sketching in some colours to see if it helps
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    It's not been much help though, I don't want them to be too shiny and they're quite strangely shaped, I'm thinking instead I might go for a black worn steel, something like the next pic but I'm unsure how to make it work
    Name:  grey-black-metal-chain-link-chain-link-108450056.jpg
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    cant help on that really. you have put the light where I would have. looks good to be fair. if it were me ide neaten it up then add the corrosion effects on top, then it should hopefully read OK.
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    If you are trying for the effect in the picture, maybe finish up the chains and then dry brush the corrosion on in the locations you want then maybe a light glaze blending it in a bit, but also leave some spots unglazed where it would be the most corroded? That is just an experiment I would try, no clue if it would work or not.

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    Cheers guys, I tried leaving it a dark grey/black and stippling some lighter colours on it but it just looked messy and hard to see what was actually going on, by that point the chains were getting pretty clogged with paint so I've stripped it and will start again, in the meantime I started working on the plasma pistol because I can't even remember the last time I tried Todo one, here it is so far, ithink I need to rework the steel parts, I've got a pretty solid recipe for the gold I'm using but not for steel (which is another reason the chains are proving difficult)

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    The mini is looking great. Not sure the paint job on the fingernail will land you a job in a nail salon without more practice.
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    I think the red is fine, gold needs more punch to help it stand out... it may well be fine once the rest of the mini is put together... I properly wouldn’t go back over it until the rest is the mini had paint on it...

    for the chains.. what about mixing black or very dark black blue with just a spot highlight where the light is going to hit ?


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    I did give a very thin barely there glaze of the darkest red over all the red parts which hasn't changed it much but did tone it down enough that it should be a little darker than higher up red parts, for now I'm considering the feet done until more bits are glued on. Yeah with the chains I'm thinking of a dulled metal, something like the sort of barriers you see around the streets in some places, very dark black/grey/blue mix which is almost matte and a little shine, they're just too small and complicated for me to do anything too complicated with nmm and being a chaos dude I doubt they'd be super shiny chains in the first place

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    Some more work done on the pistol today, mostly trying to make the coils and gun metal look better, also added a place holder shine on the gold partstoo
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    Photos are really unforgiving but I'm struggling a bit to get the paint to cooperate, what I'm trying to do is paint the coils blue and the gaps between them white but it's proving difficult to get right, ive also added Anglia effect, it's only my 2nd try at osl and I don't want anything too drastic, just a slight glow around the coils, various other glazes and bits have been worked on too
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    Thanks mate, think the glow needs a bit of smoothing on the edges but overall I'm pleased, think I'm going to have to suck it up and basically freehand the coil lines in, tried watery white paint but the lines are just too thin for that to work out

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    I am never get plasma coils to work out. Maybe start off with white and put in the blue afterwards?

    It’s looking good though. Didn’t realise you don’t prime the mini before painting.

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    If I had some white ink it would be 10x easier but oh well, it's looking a bit better now I think, also the artwork I'm referencing had the eyes in the skull as vents too so I've started on that, I don't bother priming because by time I'm done with the 100 glaze ceremony the paint doesn't come off easily, plus I don't really touch them much usually, in this case I couldn't be bothered to mount the arm to something yet, just want to get the forearm and pistol done before I stick it to the body, the shoulder pad and cable should be fine once it's glued on

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    Foxtail got it right, start by full white then glaze/wash with blue ink 1/3, pool and wait. Redo if necessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metalasmedium View Post
    Foxtail got it right, start by full white then glaze/wash with blue ink 1/3, pool and wait. Redo if necessary.

    Trouble is that makes the blue go in the recesses which is the opposite of what I want, I've started with white and as carefully as I could painted the coils blue but its easy for the blue to get in the recesses, white ink would mean I could pretty easily fix mistakes because I could use it to increase flow of white paint without lowering opacity.

    The idea comes from this image, this is a custom larger scale marine, it's hard to replicate at normal scale but in my mind it makes sense for how it should look, the coils heat up and make the plasma white hot inside the gun
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