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Thread: Sicks' humble WIP thread

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    Sorry to hear about the break up Sicks, you must be in a strange place right now. Painting can be a great distraction, the marines look great so far. All the best

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    Hey Sicks, good to have you back posting.

    Sounds like life has dealt you a duff hand as it tends to do to all of us every now and then. Good to see you back painting though, can be a great focus and will hopefully be a positive motivator for you.

    That first Conquest mag was indeed like a giveaway, grabbed a pack for my boy who has enjoyed painting them and now has his own little paint set up.

    Marines are looking good with some classic Sicks brand blending. Look forward to seeing the progress mate.

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    Happy to see you here again-marine is really turning out to be fantastic work- ide expect nothing less

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    that is looking really good! That blue looks so vibrant

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    Keep your spirits up. This is a nice hobby to distract us from the real world. Btw, those blues are Sick!

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    Sorry about your break-up, Sicks. Straight sucks.

    And like others have said the marine really does look great. Glad you're sharing your work again.

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    Thanks all for the kind words, I'm not quite feeling myself to be honest but I'm on the mend at least. As for the marine he's sprouted some arms and I've spent a bit of time with the blending, still a ways to go yet but one of the up sides to my situation is I can now have my painting desk next to the TV and watch whatever I like, I finally understand the joy of Netflix and painting

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    Paintings been kind of erratic for me, I've kept up with the marines side of the conquest may because they're good value but it means I have a load of half finished ultramarines that need work, I didn't like the lieutenants drawing a sword pose so I made him a shield out of a tau drone which I decided to have a practice of mmm on, the blue is just sketched in to help me figure out light placement but I'm going to attempt something like captain America's brushed steel look for the blue
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    Really cool sicks!!!!

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    You have w/o a doubt steadily have progressed quite a bit since the hibernation . great color blue really rich and excellent height placement. Keep em coming.

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    Cheers guys, put a bit more work in on the blue this evening, it's at a stage where I can see what I'm trying to get to if I hold it at arm's length now
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    That is really cool! I think you've nailed the brushed steel look you were going for.

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    Great work Sicks. don't forget a couple edge highlights mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sicks View Post
    Paintings been kind of erratic for me,
    I wish I could paint erratically and get it to look like that! That is some really nice work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post
    I wish I could paint erratically and get it to look like that! That is some really nice work.
    Thanks, I meant more erratic in trying to keep focus on one project haha, I have 2 marine bodies pretty much done but no arms heads or backpacks done, also working on the librarian mini. The shield is about 10 hours or more of focus (partly because I went through a few versions of where the highlights and stuff should be since I'm not good at working that out for nmm)

    Here's some updated pics, been working on the legs so I could start sticking him together a bit more, for funsies (and to show the progress on the shield too) I blue tacked the arms on so you can see the changed pose compared to the standard pose seen here:

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    Good to have you back posting're making nice progress on this. The brushed painted steel look on the shield is very convincing.

    Keep us posted!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sicks View Post
    Thanks, I meant more erratic in trying to keep focus on one project haha,
    I knew what you meant, it is just some seriously really good work here so had to poke some fun at it

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    Keep focus on one thing hahaha I live on 1/2 painted minis!

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    Thanks all, and eki all you need is patience and practice, some updated pics that are probably sideways (seriously need to learn how to fix that)
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    Looking good mate!!!!

    maybe take the photo sideways and it will sort itself out lol

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