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Thread: Sicks' humble WIP thread

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    Cheers saint the last 75mm model I did improved my painting greatly and as I've been waiting 6 months or so for this one I intend to push myself if I could just find time to paint, in the meantime here's those hero forge minis I had as a commission, they turned out ok, I'd say there's a way to go before the idea could compete with mainstream minis, some of the details are quite shallow, they're a great idea though for those that can't find a specific mini they want. The guy ended up wanting the dwarf in metallic white rubes which was a double whammy of pain in the arse paints to shade but he's really happy with the result, they're not my best but it was a nice way to test out heroforge minis without having to buy them myself

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    As for the dragon Huntress, I haven't done anything since the last pictures, I'm hoping to get the base primed tomorrow but I think I'll wait to see how the dragon's head turns out before I decide between snow base or grass

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    It's been one of those weekends with very little time to paint, i got a nice delivery of some new brushes, i opted for different sizes after learning from the last ones i had, i had been working with a 0 a 00 and a 1 but I'd accidentally bought a miniature series #1 which to be frank is awful, this time i got a new 00, a 1 and a 2 and some of the masters brush cleaner stuff, i had some brush soap before but it wasn't very good, can't remember what brand it was but it didn't really do much in the way of cleaning.

    Sadly I've only had time to put them to use for about an hour or so but I've revised the colour scheme for the dragon head, i decided to just go with it which has led to much more vibrant blues than i had planned but i often find that when i stray from the plan i like the results, next up comes the pain in the arse part of blending each scale individually
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    Very striking color scheme. I like it and it is looking better with the improvements.

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    I'm liking the high-contract work there. Looks great.
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    Thanks guys, it's still pretty rough, particularly on the light patches around d the eyes but let's see how it goes

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    Think its looking awesome. The difference in colors is very striking. I'm very interested in seeing where this goes. Your work on the dragon is also giving me ideas for a future project. I know I want to eventually paint a dragon, just haven't found the right model yet.

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    Makes me think of a Dungeons and dragons classical blue/electric dragon. Nice work on those scales. By the way are you painting scales with scale paints? LOL hahaha (sorry my bad) xD
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    HeroForge minis look great for gaming. I'm sure your client is thrilled. I like the energetic brawler with the tankard of ale. He looks like he'll find himself involved in all sorts of adventures!

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    @maenas yes i am paid ting a scale model of a scaly creature with scale paints xD
    @saint yea he seemed really happy with the pictures, but not as happy as i was to get back to painting my own stuff

    Been a bit slow lately but not completely inactive, i have mostly been trying to get the base ready so the dragon head can go straight on when it's done, still working on the skulls and i might add a few more bits and pieces, I'm not sure if i should add some more small rocks because where the base that came with it has been inserted there's a convenient oval shape of rocks where the head goes so maybe a few more to make it look more natural, not sure yet i might just hide some of them with snow. I'm trying to go for a sunshine on snow sort of look so the top is quite warm coloured but I've shown the underside of the outcrop to show the cold shadows
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    This will be and I'm saying this now your highest scoring and best project when done... The outcrop alone shows me you have more than leveled up on your skills... The rocky out top alone has shown me as well that your not only making some of the best bases you've done and proper size as well where it doesn't overshadow the mini but also shows me your starting to have all your skills come together to produce the best models you've ever set out on doing!!! Congratulations bud!!!

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    All very well done, the base/rock pictures blue tone and highlights are SWEET!!!

    Have to save this picture to add to my painting notes...

    Once again, great work!

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    Yeah those rocks look great, the blue undersides are very clever. Looks very natural and I will be robbing the technique!
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    Thanks everyone, I'd love to take all the credit but the idea of putting blue on there to give a cold feeling was given to me by terrafirma when i did the space wolf lord on the snow base, on that one I'd already put the snow on first which made it difficult to do it properly but this time I'm getting it in place before the snow. I'm also trying for a contrast with warm highlights and cold shadows so on the rocks the highlights have a bit of warm brown, bone colours and white on the high points. It's something i need to try and do on the figures too which might be difficult on the dragon since it's already blue.

    @bam i agree with your comment about the size of the base, when the models are in place they are nice and central on the base with not much space left around them, the only problem is that the rocks come up a bit from the front view which hides some of the dragon's head but that might be a happy accident because it helps take the focus away from it

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    Great base! I am waiting for how it will look when everything is put together *enters room with a comfortable chair and sits down* ^^
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    Yeah this is coming along really nicely Sicks...I'm with everyone else....keen to see this develop and pull together into the final piece.

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    Thanks guys, still jumping around a bit, worked on the skulls a bit more and added a touch of green to the rocks roughly where the dampness from the snow will end
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    Also I've made some attempts at making a bow and quiver, what you see here is 2 halves of a bow so i can keep a section of the spear she's holding and use a bit of its handle. Made from a piece of sprue which i used a lighter to warm up and bend then carved and sanded away until it was close. Also the quiver which isn't attached yet, once it's dry i can cut away some of the excess, made from one of those tubes they put on brushes to protect them
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    The base is looking very nice, love the color used on the rocks. The idea for a bow and quiver is also great and looks to be shaping up nicely.

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    Thanks guys, I'm in the process of trying to make another quiver, not 100% happy with the first one so I'm hoping i can make a better one, no pics yet though

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