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Thread: Sicks' humble WIP thread

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    Level up ding ding ding!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sicks View Post
    No way tero was it your birthday yesterday too? Happy birthday mate

    Thanks mate happy one to you too, exactly 15 years! So it means you where born around the time I started painting miniatures

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    it looking great. really good work on the tentacles.

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    I won't count it as a lvl up bam until it's finished hehe, thx coyote, I haven't really touched it for a few day, it's been quite hectic and got distracted by a new ps4 game. I've hit a bit of a hurdle though, on closer examination o the mini I don't think I can pin it, my smallest drill bit doesn't leave a big margin for error at all and the foot is only 1-2mm thick where it touches the ground, normally I wouldn't mind too much and mold a little foot hold into the base for gluing but the idea was to have her on the bridge which is made from wood and I don't think it would hold well with just glue, trying to think of an alternative at the moment, one idea was to have a tentacle smashing the bridge and have the mini stood on the tentacle which would let me mold a little foot hold in there, irreplaceable the bridge entirely with something else, maybe stealing stones or maybe have her running on water using a clear acrylic rod to support her which in theory will become invisible once the water is in but I've never tried something like that, I'm not even sure if I have a clear rod from a flying base or whatever lying about

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    You can dig out a small concave steep where the foot is depressed into the wood than layer in glue and use some mig mud as muddy bridges have that should hold it. Looking at how tiny the model is I don’t think it will give you a prob it’s a display piece several of mine have stayed in travelling to and from crystal brush and never came off and are held by nothing more than a drop of glue

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    Yeah it's only a 35mm mini and a skinny one at that, I'll give it a go, still need to do a few small gap fills on her and find a way to get her on a cork or something too

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    Got a good few hours in tonight,put some more GS on the tentacle to blend in the suckers on one side, once it dries I'll do the same on the other side, I'm not sure how I could go about filling the gaps in between suckers i might leave them as they are or cheat with a touch of gloss varnish, also laid down some paint on the mini, nothing too fancy yet, the yellow lines are sculpted in but even so they are a pain in my neck lol, alot of versions I've seen just do 2 different colours on the ribbon bits. There was one that used them away guide to freehand the pattern next to the sculpted part but that seemed too difficult (seems like the plastic version which I have gets extra ribbons on the wrists which I prefer but also makes it harder to access for painting)
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    That tentacle is smoothed out nicely. Good work on the sculpting.

    The work on the KD mini so far is great. Skin tones are spot on and the ribbon seems to be coming on well

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    Cheers guys, quick update, I've been working on the blues mainly and still smoothing out the ski, managed to bleed some blue into the yellow bits by mistake (yay!) But hopefully it won't be too hard to touch up, also prepped and base coated the bust but no pics of that yet

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    Good start your are on a roll, I am pretty sure I would break those ribbons!

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    Lol they're surprisingly sturdy although I do wish I'd left the wrist ones off to be able to get the yellow in there easier. Trying to squeeze some painting in every day even if it's just an hour but the kids are back in school tomorrow so hopefully I'll have a bit more time

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    The dude who sculpts kingdom death is a marvel at the physique of the female subject!!! I heard it’s all based on his wife. Btw the painting is well done yet again. That’s when you know your jumping levels.

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    good stuff sicks, she is coming on nicely

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    Good to see that thumb nail back in action Sicks!

    She's coming along nicely...looking forward to seeing her amongst the tentacles

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    If his wife looks like these minis he's a very lucky guy lol, cheers all and hairster you know my thumb gets more paint than any mini I've done haha, been a bit distracted today, only did a little bit on the boob ninja, mostly worked on the bust instead, started out just wanting to get the eyes looking decent and then it escalated into the skin and sketching in some other parts too, my bad!

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    Damn you are getting great at femail skin tones. I am liking the progress on both of these.

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    Really like the skin on that bust, great work. The Chun-Li KDM model is looking good too, glad you figured out how to attach it to the base.

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    the bust looks great. really nice skin tones

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