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Thread: Sicks' humble WIP thread

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    The otter is almost finished now, Massa quick start on the arm leather too and attempted to get a shine in the hair but in not too sure about it, I find black hair difficult and she's got a lot of it which looks almost flat (although I painted it with a hint of blue and black to shade, it doesn't really show up)
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    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THIS IS EPIC. You are not human are you?
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    ." -Me-

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    Haha thanks mate, definitely human as evidenced by the fact in developing a cold . I have to say the freehand on the bandana could be sharper or neater but im very happy that I managed to do it this well and hopefully the next one will come out even better. Tonight I haven't had as much time as I would like, not only am I coming down with a cold but I've caught it off my son who is much worse of with it than I am, I have managed to more or less finished the hair although the 3 strands of fringe on the front could use a bit more work, I've started working on the armlet (not that it will show up well because stupid shiny paint doesn't like lights!) And done a bit more on the leather arm bracer things. My to do list is something like - leather parts (I completely forgot to work on the belt or that bit on the back) metals, skin on the firearms and hands and pick a colour for that tabbard thing under the otters tail, knight also bring the highlights up a bit across the whole thing but I'll decide that at the end, picture time!
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    Hope you feel better soon bud. Still don't think your human though
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digganob View Post
    Still don't think your human though
    He's not human bro he's PaintMan! Look at his hands!

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    The skin tones on the bust are exceptional, hard to achieve such realism, well done.

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    Seriously awesome work HY ,looking sweet
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teronus View Post
    He's not human bro he's PaintMan! Look at his hands!
    I don't know what you're talking..... *ERROR: INSERT MORE FLOW ENHANCER*

    Thanks everybody, Clark I actually found it easier on darker skin, many of the colour variations you would see on a caucasian skinned person translate to shades of brown under darker skin which simplifies things a bit

    The little man, as it turns out has scarlet fever, so there will be progress today but possibly not much

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    Looking totally awesome, Sicks! And glad I'm not the only one who uses my thumb as a palette.

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    This is just awesome.

    And best wishes to you and your son on overcoming Nurgle's blessings.

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    Thanks gents don't worry krule, minime has had some nurgle-begone and is starting to recover, I however am still dripping nurgle ooze from the nostrils

    Today has been one of those "looks like I haven't done a lot but there's been quite a few tweaks" days, firstly I tried out some stuff on the beads in her hair, neither of the 2 I started have come out well so far so I will have to rethink, theres also some sculpted detail in there that I hadn't noticed and I can't really make out so I'll have a good examine of that tomorrow, the gem on the armlet had gone really dark after working on the metal parts so I had to start glazing in the light spot at the bottom again, one thing I am pleased with is the pearl bracelet, a rare occasion when my theory worked out well and I also worked on the leather a bit more, I think that was everything anyway

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    LU- find nearest save point and.... you know the deal.

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    She’s looking great, nice contrast in her hair, great skin tones and the free hand is spot on

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    Thanks guys I'm learning a lot from this and its making me want to do more busts but I'm also eager to get back to the kingdom death girls too there wasn't much progress yesterday, nurgle rot got the better of me and I spent the evening cuddling my hot water bottle (it's slightly more manly though because even my hot water bottle has boobs, a joke gift from my partner haha) the hair beads are becoming the bane of my existence, I don't even know if the little sculpted detail is still there or if I've ended up with so many layers that it's gone, I've tried putting a little wash on them hoping that would make it show up but no luck, I have done a sort of marble/wooden look on the circular beads although I cant remember if I took a photo. Mainly today I've been working on the red gem and the metal, I think I also worked on the arm leathers more since last time. I'm happier than I was with the armband now though it still needs work, tried as best I could to get a picture where the light reflections didn't interfere
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    Very very very very wondermous!!!

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    Outstanding work so far sicks... this bust is looking magnificent!!!

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    Thanks guys I posted some newer pics up on Instagram before I went to bed but I might as well wait until tonight before updating here as I will hopefully have more done by then

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    Didn't get as much done as I'd hoped tonight, didn't get started until late and I basically started the hands and forearm over again but here's she is, I still need to do some more work to the hair beads, the loin cloth and the lower arm/hands, maybe the scale mail too but she's almost done

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    I've also pre-ordered myself a boob goblin pin up, yes that's apparently a thing
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    It's not released until Feb 1st so I've got a few weeks to finish up some stuff. It's a relatively simple mini with just skin hair clothing and jewelry to do but I plan to make it more interesting with tattoos and possibly sheer clothing, not passing up the chance to practice freehand and try out sheer clothing

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