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Thread: Sicks' humble WIP thread

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    Thanks guys, @joce yeah I overestimated her sise when I ordered, because of the cartoonish style the shoulders are around the same size as a space marine shoulder pad and around the back the hair covers most of the skin except the shoulders but nevermind, still having fun

    @krule yeah I'm having a blast with it, I think the style of the sculpt is a good fit for my painting style

    Was going to wait til later to update because I'm hoping to get a few hours in tonight but here's where we're at, hair and fur colours got a basic sketch in, gotta fix the skin in some places because the inevitable happened and I got paint on there nevermind, also want to work on the hair, get it looking presentable

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    Well the hairs not really going to plan, turns out it's complete ball ache to have it fade from black to the bluey colour and still get the shading in, I might scrap it and go for black all over with a few dyed strands instead
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    whoa, that is truly sexy.. Only you can make her sexy...

    btw I live in Devon these days.. left the ex in Cornwall


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    Ha cheers mate, it's 2018 it's ok to have weird feelings about goblins these days

    I'm up in Tiverton (near Exeter) I'm not a native though so I'm a bit clueless about the geography lol

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    still a good 60 mies away


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    Ah yeah still pretty far, but closer than anyone else from here I think

    On a quick note about the bust, I scrapped the hair, we're going with black which has basically made most of last night's efforts a waste but what can ya do

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    Oh noooo, the hair colour was looking really nice.... oh well if it wasn’t working right then good choice, gotta be happy as your painting... You got this bust looking really good now mate, I’m so looking forward to starting mine, but resisting till I get a few other things done first.

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    I could stick with the hair colour but give up on trying to get it to fade to black at the roots, I was going for something like the picture but because of the bun it's been hard trying to figure out where the dark parts go

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    I like the blue color of the hair. It goes well with the greens and purples you already have. Maybe instead of going to all black maybe a darker blue with lighter highlights?

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    You guys convinced me to try again, I'm sure if I can do it right it will look good, not done much yet but I'm approaching the "how" part differently this time which will hopefully work

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    Maybe you have already tried something... but in any case... I would say that you could leave the blue as a light for the black. I mean, black hair with blue hues and reflections, not like if she had blue dyed hair. I am not sure if I am explaining it very well... ^^'
    Images to help you understand what I mean... change the hue to the one you want... And if you have p3 black coal I think it would match better you colours than the flat black from scale (I think it's more purple, and the one on p3 it's more green although I don't own it).
    Anyway I do not know which was your intention... if a dyed look / manga look / colour reflections.... just giving out ideas
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    PS: Thank you for the *Glazing* SpongeBob hehehe ^^
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    I understand what you mean maenas, it's common in comics or cartoons to do shiny black stuff like leather or hair like that and that's more or less how the dark part of her hair will look, I'll share a picture of how it's going, it's still quite rough but the method is slowly working I think

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    she's looking great sicks. very nice smooth blends.

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    I like the direction you are taking the hair. The long strands from the ears to the neck really look right.

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    Thanks guys, quick update before I've got to run off for a meal out, were getting somewhere now

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    I'm loving watching you evolve your interpretation of Zayna. Good work here.
    pax et bonum

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    Getting somewhere!!! You’ve arrived years ago!!! dang this is your best or one of them easily - you have an affinity for busts !!!

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    Thanks frzn and bam I think busts really give me the opportunity to show off the blends

    I've done a little more with the hair, adding some deep blues to help transition to black and also trying some texture on the cloth, happier with the hair now but still not quite done, not sure about the cloth either but I'm going to stick with it and see where it goes

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    The cloth texture looks very good and the blendings on the skin are super smooth. Was very exciting to watch it evolve so far. Keep going

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    Very nice mate, the glazes are really starting to smooth everything out... as for the cloth, brilliant man, the texture you have applied looks really good, you should be really happy with that.. really great work all round!!!

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