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    OK then use my AntMan suit! I don't thing the white in the recesses will make it nicer, not at this scale anyway in my opinion. You decide, fight a impossible battle or the easy way out! I I am telling you it will look awesome the way I do it, i wish i could do example.

    Well look at Iron heart's eyes!!! LOL do you want more GLOW than that!

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    the glow is starting to come together i think. cant suggest on how to better it as im yet to try OSL. (i have some planned in an upcoming project though, as it needs to be some at some point)
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    I see what you mean sicks. Honestly you know I think you nailed it as close to what you desired . Now having said that I think what joce is saying is what the desired effect is vs what’s necessary . Picture a dwarf at the 15 mm scale. I could kill myself putting in eyeballs and pupils ir I could do what’s would still have it look good by just shading them and not do something that the human eye really can’t detect. You are now miniature painting is all about two things what the artist wants the viewers to see vs what the viewers are looking at period. So as cool as it is the truth is until you really said to me how coils work I wouldn’t have noticed your way vs joces way. I can say the MaMs way is str8 forward with great results - yours was a pain in the but-BUT STILL YIELDED GREAT RESULTS. As of now keep the COILSwhere you got em . It looks very believable. I just wouldn’t expect anybody to notice the way coils work on a plasma coils I sure as hell don’t!!!
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    Perhaps I'm overthinking it but I do plan to take it to GD next year, i was surprised to find my Mrs quite supportive of the idea despite her being left with 3 kids for a day or two. So aside from too much research into it I also thought it would help it stand out a bit more since there aren't a whole lot of examples of them being painted this way. In any case I ended up stripping it just because the coils had become clogged with paint but I plan to do it the same way in less passes this time now I have a better idea of how to do it, one thing I'm unsure about is that little wire thing that comes from the barrel of the gun under the coils and to the skull, I figured it could be an extension of the coils maybe taking some of the heat from the barrel and pushing it back into the coils, but I'm not sure if it's too much glow, I'm also using this as my general picture reference, the weapons are a little different to how the model is sculpted but otherwise it's a good reference
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    After about an hour's work here's where we are, experimented with a bone handle but didn't like it so I'll probably paint it black, aiming for a brushed metal look this time, the plates around the muzzle that were gold before I'm planning to do as heat distressed metal instead, wheras a loyalist plasma weapon has emergency overheat vents at the front this type of chaos one has a cooling muzzle with these reinforcing plates (I've learned way too much about 40k plasma weapons over the last few days) I think the coils look much neater now, it's missing the proper glow effect but that comes once I've got the metal parts done and enough of the skull to work on too
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    All I really plan is a blue glaze along the power line thing under the coils and the skull bit right next to the coils, I think stripping it helped, I think the recesses had become too clogged in paint before, I'd like to darken the metal parts a bit too but as usual I over thought it before and made it too complicated for myself

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    Those plasma glows are tough on such tiny areas, looks like you are making good progress though, always finds lots of glaze medium helps with the pooling and keeps the transparency high so you can build up the opacity and effect

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    Thanks mate, I spent some more time doing the heat stressed metal on the panels of the barrel, I've also done a rough glow to start off with, I need to finish the skull before I can properly tweak it but I might just be able to glaze bone colours to blend it from where it is
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    Very nice man, you got that glow looking quite nice now, and I love the heat stress, that’s really cool !!!

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    Yeppers!!! That’s some glowy bits!!!

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    Yep thats looking awesome buddy. I love the idea and the pic is a great reference!

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    Cheers guys, I really need to work on the body now so I can start gluing bits together

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    Your struggling with the effect is getting you close to get it perfect, it looks very cool already!
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    Looking great man, keep on at it
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    Cheers guys, you're all keeping me going, really want to get on to the main body but I got obsessed with getting the pistol right haha so far every part has been stripped at least once which is making it a slow process, I have been quietly working on those chains on the body though so hopefully when I get stuck in it won't take too long before I can glue it to the legs

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    Picture time, for some reason the gun pics came out sideways, I'm using a combination of glazes and stippling on the chains trying to get a dulled metal look, on the gun I've worked more on the skull and the glow, I'm also trying to help sell the effect by front a glow inside the gun barrel but I might have drilled too deep to get it bright enough, there was also a little circle beneath the barrel that I had no idea what it was meant to be, too small for a second barrel like the reference pic so I've gone for a lens effect that I've just started

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    its looking really good sicks. the glow is looking proper glowy now I reckon.
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    Thanks mate,yeah I think the glow is done unless I slip with another colour lol, I might change the bit around the eyes of the skull though so it's more subtle and then do the actual eye as black pearls like I did on the leg skulls

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    Yeah it looks miles ahead of where it was at in the pics from two days ago; I really like the look of it now!

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