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    Hi everyone,

    I have started a new (and rather big) project after a long time. It will be a cut-out of a city I have been thinking about and using in my short fantasy stories (not available in english, but they are not any good anyway ).

    In case you are interested: The city is supposed to be some kind of a fantasy melting pot with dozens of different races and nations living in it. Some time ago, one third of the city disappeared (perhaps it collapsed into the earth, perhaps gods fought there and destroyed it. Who knows.) leaving a huge crater slowly being filled with water from a nearby ocean. The view is beautiful. The thing is, all the government buildings etc were in that one third, leaving the city in the state of anarchy (hence the name). However, instead of chaos some kind of natural order emerged and the city is now more functional and prosperous than ever.

    On the left, there will be some fancy houses, a bank, a temple and a rather large square. I am also thining about a small palace "in the mountains".
    River will be in the middle with a nice riverbank on the left side and a wharf on the right side.
    The right side of my diorama will be a shanty town with a pub, brothel, arena, sketchy houses and huts, and probably a warehouse somehow connected to the river.

    The scale is 1:50 so I could use warhammer models later.

    I will post photos as I go on with my project. I welcome all your comments, tips, and tricks. Thx.

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    Sorry your photo's aren't showing.
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    Thanks. Can you see them now? I do. Twice actually...

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    I can see them. Good luck! I hardly have the focus to paint a single mini, let alone build and paint a whole town.
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    Great start!!!

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