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    Default Posts by newbies with pictures dissappearing

    Hello I have been aware of this issue because I got the problem of pictures not showing when I wrote my first"ish" post on the forum, seems that this is some kind of issue, because since then I have seen the same thing repeated in other threads posted by newbies.

    An example here:
    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonsreach View Post
    Sorry your photo's aren't showing.
    Another here:
    Quote Originally Posted by BloodFather of Kharnath View Post
    I can't see the pic.
    The first time I got the problem here:
    Quote Originally Posted by Terrafirma View Post
    I got no pics Maenas....?
    The latest I have seen:
    Quote Originally Posted by MAXXxxx View Post
    hmm.... again no pic (seems to happen to most everyone who just starts). please edit the post by: remove image readd image. that usually does the trick.

    The thing is that the problem fixes itself after a period of time (maybe 24 hours?) or is fixed by the newbie who has to repost pictures. Then it seems to work properly... So maybe the problem is just some kind of protection on the forum for loading images?
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    The forum is definitely a bit of a mess to get involved into initially. Can't even edit profile til you post!

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    That you cannot change your profile before you post is by design.

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    Can you submit pictures before your first post?

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