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    This will be my first painting log on any website. I have come to enjoy painting, and it has become the largest part of my gaming hobby, so I thought I would take the effort to keep a running log of some of my projects. I am by no means a high quality painter. I can't honestly hope to make a 9 rating, or a CMON annual like some on this board. But I am using this space and this time to attempt to improve.

    Please, any and all comments are welcome. I highly appreciate suggestions on how to improve. I will be open to trying most new techniques, but I won't have access to an airbrush.

    My first project is to work through Mierce's Talos:

    My (highly idealistic) goal is to mimic the painting on this model:

    I have a fairly good sense of how to work on the aged bronze. I'll be using a True Metallic with multiple washes of shading and patina, followed by building highlights through true bronze and silver.

    The white/ivory/stone is less clear. Should I begin with a tan/sandstone and build highlight and lowlight, or start with an ivory and build deep shading into it?

    First coats will go on today. Pics to follow.

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    Welcome to the wip forum. A lot of helpful people, all you need to do is ask. I like the weathered look you are going after, but it looks like some of it is created by texture on the actual sculpt. It will be nice to see your effort on it.

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    i agree with Krule that the figure you aim for has texture on the sculpt. You can go some way to replicating this by stippling your paint in the areas you want texture.

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    Thanks for the welcome, guys.

    I agree that the other sculpt does look like it has some texture built into it. And, thanks Gandalf. I was considering stippling, thinking it might add a sense of that texture.

    Got some work done today:
    Primed black

    Tried to drybrush a white primer on top. Hated it. Came out very loose. Re-primed some areas, hit the rest with a black wash to tone it down. First coats were with Reaper's Linen white. I like the color as a near highlight.

    First wash with Muddy Brown; its coming out too fleshy.

    Targeted same wash in deep recesses.

    Next day's painting I will look to make it more brown using highlight thats more tan and a darker brown for a wash.

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    Progress time. Put in another hour, and i think its coming along. I hope you can see the stone effect that is building on the fleshy areas. I think another round of 3-4 high lists and a final stipple might do well to being close to my goal.

    Browner highlights


    Wash + first hint of brass to monitor contrast

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    You are definately achieving a textured statue type look.

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    I like the effect you're getting, always interesting to see people try something different.

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    Thank you for the comments. They are truly inspirational. This is the most effort, time, and technique I have ever shown a model.

    Found a bit of time at the end of last to keep working on the flesh/stone areas. I thought I'd add a bit of color to make a more marble look, as the white of the inspiration piece is not developing the way I intended.

    First a touch of green.

    Then a touch of purple.

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    Don't sell yourself short. The biggest ingredient to "success" in painting, however you measure it, is practice. I've seen a lot of people improve quite dramatically with effort.

    Those are some cool sculpts you're working on.
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    That touch of green adds some nice tonal interest to the stone look.

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    I think I might be done with the stone/flesh. Added a couple of tan and white glazes after the green and purple.

    What do you think? Does it need something?

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