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    Default Zombicide season 4?

    So...Black plague seems to be spinning off from the original 3 seasons and 2 expansions. Does this mean the end of zombicide classic? Will next years release be another expansion for plague or the classic season 4? Been watching E-bay and am seeing an influx of promo characters go up and prices drop a bit so it seems the collectors are starting to hedge there bets.

    Any ideas, hints, or hopes out there?
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    Rather than a full blown season expansion with new Zombies and critters, I'd like to see:
    1. Game Nite like packs, but instead of a survivor the pack consists of new board tiles with a campaign or just stand-alone scenarios
    2. Additional Ultimate Survivors, hopefully new sculpts of maybe S1 promo characters

    Essentially have the game grow via tiles and characters rather than new zombie-types. As someone who has mixed everything into the spawn decks I'm not particularly excited to see more of that, I'm afraid it will get to be too much.

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    Worked up 6 possable expansions myself already. Patterened them after the walk of the dead packs. You would get a survivor/zomvivor combo, and 21 theamed zombies. 1 fatty, 2 runners, and 4 walkers all in new sulpts with 3 of each. Add 6 new item cards again theamed to the survivor and 3 missions built around the survivor. Pack would be in the $25/$30 range like the other packs. Would allow non kickstarter people to get cheap new survivors and could be used to advance the plot line while adding fresh figures to the game.No new rules for zombies, no reprinting of rulebook and new deck of the same basic cards we already have 3 sets of. Maybe then release 4 or 6 board packs built around 2 of these campaign packs. Planned Pack 1 and 2 for season 1, 3/4 dseason 2 and 5/6 season 3.

    I really like this idea but have nothing to do with the makers so it is just a dream at this time.
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    What I'd like to see is a pack of blank equipment cards. I really want to write my own on them. All the extra players might be a good money earner for them but I'm really not fussed on them.

    Game night packs, YES! actual campaigns instead of separate missions. MORE PLEASE!!!

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    Would like to see new sculpts for existing zombies. Or an idea to incorporate BP zombies in classic Zombicide to do the zombie outbreak during a medieval fair (sort of like a Renaissance Fair, but use BP zombies instead).
    for new sculpts for existing zombie types....
    Standard: more medical types, children, maybe nuns and or priests, more police (especially in riot gear)
    toxic: hazmat specialists, scientists
    berserker: more prisoner sculpts
    though I do have an idea for new zombie species to join Toxic, Berserker & Skinner.....burial zombies. Corpses already buried rise up from the dead to join the horde. You can create all sorts of zombie archetypes. Military, police, criminal, murder victims, accident victims, etc.
    maybe add additional animal types like cats.....do a pet cemetery w/ zombie pets. Add also more zombie dogs.

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    I would like to see a 3D version of the board. Walls, more barricades and such stuff. But no 3D furniture, this takes to much space for gaming.

    Walls with removable parts so it is possible to switch a house into a ruin. Make it possible to remove parts to have doors and no doors.
    For the windows use removable barricades. Barricades outside to make it possible to enter buildings, and Barricades inside a building if it is not possible to enter the room.
    For big windows jalousies(/shutters/louvers?) or partly removable barricades.

    Best would be if everything works with strong neodym magnets. Holding the walls together and on the floor, same with barricades and so on.

    I'm thinking to make some 3D stuff for zombicide. Because I need 3" tall walls (incl. roof or 2nd floor) so they are compatible to Deadzone.

    I would also like to see an advanced rule set. Incl. good Campaign rules, better usage of the Zombivors as Zombivors as they were meant also other ideas like the Lost or other kind of intelligent zombies calling other zombies on the board.
    And more like 2nd floors, removing the stupid shooting/driving rules (BP version of it is still lame). If new zombies, I would like to see military zombie units. Something like the Necromancers from BP and more interesting abominations like in BP.

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    As someone who has none of the zombicide boxes (at least until BP is released) it is a bit daunting looking at the price to get everything, 3 game boxes and 2 large expansions quickly adds up, something like £250 without any of the smaller add one, it would therefore be cool imo if they had any further updates through tile packs that include new missions and character and zombie packs, it would essentially be like having new game sets but split down into separate boxes, makes the price seem a little less daunting if it was all available in smaller chunks and I imagine those that have all the sets already have enough zombies

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    I like the idea of a themed expansion set.
    i would like to see the survivors come across an army or Airforce base, new sculpts being in militaty dress, runners being MP or Senior NCO, Fatties being Officers while the Abomination is the Base Commander, new Survivors being NAAFI (PX i believe is the US version) employees, with the odd serviceman thrown in.
    Buildings would be armouries, canteens and garages, weapons being bayonets, rifles, smg and the like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teskal View Post
    I would like to see a 3D version of the board. Walls, more barricades and such stuff.
    Check out kickstarter right now and search for Battle Systems.

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