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    Default Wrath of Kings Official FAQ

    Here are the links to the Official FAQ Document for Wrath of Kings:

    Errata and FAQ: http://wrathofkings.com/…/wp…/uploads/2015/05/WoKFAQ2015.pdf

    Errata and FAQ (Printer Friendly):
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    Appreciate the FAQ

    Some interesting rulings, seems that (-) abilities of the same name do not stack with each other but can stack with another ability that does the same thing but has a different name. That will make play with pieces like Zaalaks, Ooroth and Hestra play a little differently

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    The 2nd Goritsi question is saying the looming dreads don't stack, right? Not that Hestra doesn't get it twice if the force's using her training?

    The third question means Skorza can kill something, move 2" into another model, fail to kill it but can still sprint with an Alpha's inspire?
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    That is how I read the answers

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    Two Skorza do a combined attack, kill the model and move 2" into contact with a new enemy. Can they combine attack it with their 1d10 attacks?

    A skorza kills a model, moves 2" into contact with a mew model that another Skorza is in contact with but hasn't attacked yet. Can they combine attack it?

    I'm assuming yes for the first (same combined attack) and no for the second (they weren't doing a combined attack when the first Skorza killed the first enemy).
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    It is a no for each case. Combined attack is an action that gets declared, the Skorza ability to move and attack is a trigger and each one happens individually. So in both cases the Skorza would kill a figure then each Skorza that was part of the combined attack would move 2" and if they coome into contact with and enemy each would make an individual 1 die attack.

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