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Thread: Wrath of Kings Official FAQ

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradox1 View Post
    Im curious why you think this is so. I certainly do not agree.
    Since leadership is used for determining the amount of models you can activate in a combined activation, it means Hu-Ren gets worse the higher the game level. At Battle level, enemy regular leaders can only activate 6 models instead of 7, and commanders 8 instead of 9. Since all of those models have to be within the SoI anyway, unless all your models are clumped close to the leader throughout the entire game, it's unlikely you'd be activating that much at once. At Patrol level it's 2-3 and 4-5, which is much more likely to have an impact.

    Compare this to other Training abilities, such as turning blocks into something, or getting free movement, which is always useful. It's something that comes in handy throughout the entire game, compared to Hu-Ren's, which would barely see play, and would become obsolete once the opponent's models start dying anyway.

    If I'm overlooking something please do set me straight. I'd love the big tiger dude as my commander, but I just feel at Battle level he's overshadowed by everything else.

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    The cumulative effect of losing total activations doesn't strike you as powerful? I don't know about you, but in my games Ive found that I often have to maximize combined activations so that I do not lose model activations to the activation cap, and so that I can try to force lost model activations on the opponent.

    Obviously, killing leaders is a dramatic way to do that. But strictly limiting the total models available in combined activation not only limits the punch an opponent can deliver in a single go, but can more easily force models to miss entire turns. I know thats definitely something Im aware of in the prospects of facing Hu-ren. Sure, the impact on any single leader feels less in light of higher leadership values. But he can also impact more leaders and the total number of models are greater, amplifying the effects of denied activations.

    IMO, just looking at the relative impact on raw leader numbers really misses the deeper impact the ability grants in play.

    EDIT: to add, in case you missed this. The training is in effect all game. Theres no range, its in effect for all enemy leaders all game, regardless of range. And because trainings persist even when the Army Commander dies, you get it even if you lose Hu-ren.
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    How often FAQ is updated?

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    We've seen one release so far. Nothing's been updated since Rising Conflicts came out.

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    Does will attacks trigger the act with certainty ability. The rule book states that will attacks don't use the defense chart and instead have successes. If a will attack generates a success, and on a success deals one damage, will the Ashmen get to attack an enemy in contact?

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    We have played it as yes, as it's an attack that didn't generate an overpower.

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    Question about resiliency. So I know that if a model has 2 resiliency it has to suffer two hits to take one damage. but my question lies with multiple attacks that are not simultaneous. So if we have Sevridan Gutter attacking a Shield of Taelfon with a melee attack, resulting in a Magic result on the Shield's defense chart. The Shield's defensive insight "Ignite the Spirit Fire" says Once per attack, when this model is attacked and magic result is generated, 1 attacking suffers backlash. Shield of Taelfon also as increased backlash which generates additional attack when causing backlash.

    So my question is: Does both single dice attacks from backlash, rolling n 8 and a 9 respectively, penetrate the resiliency?
    Or does the attacks get resolved one at a time, 8 resulting in one hit, not exceed 2 resiliency, reset resiliency, then resolve the second attack?

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    They don't, they are two separate attacks and they resolve separately. You'd need to perform a combined attack (and those are melee only) as part of a combined activation to have an 8 and a 9 kill a Sevridan.

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    That doesnt sound right. Backlash causes the attacker to make a Willpower (1) attack against themselves for each Backlash result. Each success causes 1 damage. "Damage" is not equivalent to "hit." These are two separately defined game terms.
    "Strikes" on the defense chart cause 1 "hit," and "Overpowers" cause 2 hits. Hits equal to Resilience cause 1 damage per.

    But Willpower atracks do not use the defense chart. Any dice that equal or exceed the will stat generate a "success" per die. The rule then refers you to whatever rules your specific Will attack uses. Here, that is Backlash. Backlash causes 1 damage per success, completely ignoring the defense chart, Resilience, and hits/overpowers.

    So here, either the 8 or the 9, or any roll of 6+ (which equals or exceeds the sevridan's Will of 6 because it is the target of its own Will attack) will kill the sevridan. Because the defense chart does not apply and Will attacks do damage directly.

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    Ya, I shouldn't respond in the morning. Will attacks from backlash cause 1 damage, resilience doesn't factor into it.

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    A Moonclave Executioner attacks two models with its Executioner's Calling attack, one is damaged, one is not. Will the Critical Blow (+2) carry over to die rolled against the undamaged model?

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    How do Magic Attacks work?

    The physical rule book and the PDF have text that refers to Will attacks and the FAQ has an update date of 2015!

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    It should read "Magic attacks follow..." so: can't be used on an enemy in contact or dice split between multiple targets. They can't be parried and if a magic result is generated the attacker suffers backlash.

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    I've five questions. Mostly easy, I think, but clarification would be appreciated.

    1. Can a unit forgo the inspire ability? Eg. A celestial activating under an Avatar of the Monkey that attacks another celestial; can it choose to not gain Enchanted?
      1. Related: Does an Enchanted attack against an Unstable enemy (Avatar of the Snake CAs under Avatar of the Monkey, targetting an Avatar of the Elephant) never create Backlash, thereby never activating Unstable?

    2. Avatar of the Serpent uses Coil Serpent Strike, scoring hits. They move the 3" and are now out of range. Does this nullify the attack if the movement happens before the damage is resolved?
    3. If a model has Defensive Expertise, does it apply to Bounce under both versions of Defensive Expertise (please see my typos post)?
    4. Promise of the Lord of Lies (Celestial Trickster): Is the 2" measured from the Trickster, or the target?
    5. For Stalker: are costs and penalties the same? what if the model disengages as another ability not during it's activation, can it re-engage during it's activation?

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    Guard Dog, Defensive Expertise, and Resonance Shell.

    Guard Dog says: "Guard Dog: Once per turn, if an enemy becomes engaged with this model, that enemy suffers a [1] dice melee attack."

    Defensive Expertise says: "Defensive Expertise(X): When this model is the defender of an attack, before results are generated, it may force the attacker to re-roll up to (X) dice."

    Resonance Shell says: "Resonance Shell: When this model is attacked, for each [Armor] result generated, 1 attacking enemy with Resonate must make a Will Check(1). On a failure it suffers 1 Hit."

    1. Is the model with the Guard Dog rule the attacker?
    Put another way, does the model with Guard Dog "attack" the model "suffering" the melee attack?
    2. When a model "suffers" an attack, is it the "defender" of that attack?
    3 a. If the answers to 1 and 2 are yes, is the attacker making a melee attack?
    b. If the answers to 1 and 2 are no, what sort of attack is it making?
    4. When a model "suffers" an attack, is it "attacked" for the purposes of triggering special abilities?

    Example: A model with Resonance Shell (A) becomes engaged with a model with Guard Dog (B). (A) suffers the 1 dice melee attack from Guard Dog, which generates a () result on the defense chart. Does B suffer the 1 Hit from Resonance Shell because it is "an attacking enemy?"
    If yes, was (B) making a melee attack?
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    Hey guys, we are new on WoK but we have few games.

    About Loot And Plunder. Can 4 models make an combined activation and interact with Objective to gain 4 marker (1 per model)

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    They can, there's no restriction on the number of markers you can gain from interacting with a single objective.

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