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    Default Conquest of Kings Tournament System

    Here are the links to the Official Wrath of Kings Tournament System, Conquest of Kings:

    Conquest of Kings:

    Conquest of Kings (Printer Friendly):
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    This is awesome. Thank You Mr. Black!!!
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    I know this is a long time coming, but I do have a few questions to clarify:

    1. I'm assuming rounds are not referring to game rounds, instead tournament brackets. Can the rules use a different word to reflect this?
    2. Ditto for clarifying the "Round Time" section (which is where the confusion could arise).
    3. For Pairings, it says pairings after the first round are based on points, but does not define what the to use as a basis (most vs least; most vs most; etc). Is it correct to assume it is most vs least (so someone doesn't just steamroll over ties with the Opponent points tie breaker)?
    4. Is it merely a round robin or another standard bracket?

    And a single suggestion:

    1. Rather than jumping from Rank points to Opponent points in determining winners, could a third condition of Motivation points be considered for ties? This further benefits the player for, and re-enforces, focusing on Motivations (a major game feature) to get a win, rather than simply killing off units. Since motivations increase the likelihood of a clean win (opponent hits Rank 0, resulting in 3 Tournament points), I would include this as the third tie breaker (bumping opponent points to 4th).

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