Shocker V.2.0 bug?
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Thread: Shocker V.2.0 bug?

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    Default Shocker V.2.0 bug?

    The Shocker now (despite having only 4 Damage capability) kills ANY troop outright, no matter how many HP a troop has.

    I've had several games where my Wave 3 troops have 7+ HP and the Shocker still kills them in one blow. (The Shocker didn't have any buffs).

    Anyone else notice this?

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    I can't seem to reproduce this behaviour, are you sure your troops weren't equipped and took damage from the reveal effect before dying in combat?
    Can you reproduce it?

    Thank you!

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    Let me check again.

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    Yup. Sorry, you're right. It was the removal of attached equipment that did the troops in.

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