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    This is the first time I upload my WIP here. I've posted a few times in the CMON gallery, but was given little comments&advice.
    I've just start painting miniature for 2 years and I'm looking forward to the advice from better painters than myself.
    And, this one is now I'm painting. I'm confusing at how to paint the orb, I need some advice or tutorials, THX!
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    Hello Zero!
    I think that you have had a great idea, you will probably get more feedback here in the WIP.

    There is no picture showing in your post, but I think that it is a generalised problem on people's first time posts with no pictures showing. Wait a bit and if it is not showing edit your post and repost the picture later or tomorrow.
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    Really thanks for your replying and I found the attached pics are not in the article.
    And then I updated. Can U see the pic now?

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    Yes, I can see them perfectly now!
    I like the combo on metallics that you are doing.
    Have a look at tero's corner WIP for some amazing metallic necrons -->
    WIP thread. / Cmon Gallery / Instagram

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    or orb work you can try swirls of diff highlight colors then green glaze down and knock them all back as a final step.use as always very thinned paint and apply in several layers to get a good intensity.

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    Like this?
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