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    Default Preferred Paint brand

    What is everyone's preferred paint brand?

    Why do you prefer this one?

    I have only really used GW paints to do the majority of my painting. But after doing some research I am thinking of leaning toward Vallejo? I was just curious how everyone else felt about the paints that they use.

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    There's no such thing,... Some people prefer "brand x" for brush-on applications, and "brand y" for airbrush applications. Ask any 10 painters, and you'll get 10 different answers. It's all subjective to personal preference. Most folks though (as a vauge generalization) would say GW/P3 for brush-on/base coats. Vallejo for airbrushing. Scale 75 for metallics, and Tamiya for niche colors (like clear red for blood for example). Of course, all of them can do all of these things more or less. It's just that certain ones tend to excel at different applications, at least, as compared to the others.
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    As Webmonkey said, there is no one perfect brand of paint for everything.

    I have almost every GW paint. I only use them with a brush. (don't have the patience to try and get them to pass through an airbrush) IMO, their black and white paints both suck, so I use Vallejo Model Color for white and black. I also use Vallejo's 16 piece skin-tone set for a lot of my flesh. The consistency is the primary reason. (better paint flow than GW, thins better, and mixes better) For priming, I use Badger Stynylrez airbrush primer. For some pieces, I use Badger's Minitaire airbrush paints to base coat with. (also use their ghost tints, but only with a brush) For media (flow-aid, retardant, airbrush medium, matte medium) I use Liquitex. For matte coating I use Liquitex through an airbrush, Army Painter or GW Medium with a brush, and Testor Dullcote from a can depending on what I am working on. Also use powered pigments for different effects which are sealed with Dullcote. (brush on will smear and it is usually a very small area, so not working cleaning the airbrush)

    Not sure if any of this helps since it really comes down to personal preference and what paint best suits your painting style and brushes.

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    I prefer the mixed brand. Meaning some of it from paintline A some from B etc. Etc. Etc.

    This way i can have 5 he shades I like. The quality is mostly the same, so no point buying up a whole paint line
    . Plus as wm said there are strong points to either brand.
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    I prefer GW, vallejo, scale 75, reaper, andrea, mig, poison(test paints), tamyia, secret weapon, golden, liquitex, badger, p3, earhtpigments and anything else that works for my needs. Don't limit yourself.
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    i think mixed brands is definately the way to go, im currently experimenting with different lines buying a colour or 2 as i run out, i have mainly GW paints because of ease of access, but i find them quite wasteful, they seem to get alot of paint dry up in the rim of the lid, which is wasted paint, i only have 1 paint from vallejo so far, which is a metallic, i like it so far and am a fan of the dropper bottle system, ive got a couple of P3 paints coming in a few days, though it seems they dont use the dropper bottles, i'd like to get the scale75 metallic sets but my usual online store doesnt stock them unfortunately

    i do think GW make some nice paints though, blood for the blood god for easy blood effects (and nice glossy lipstick it turns out), i quite like their glazes too

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    Sicks: which metal have you from vallejo and which P3 paints are on your way?
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    i got the aluminium from the model air line, so far seems really nice for working towards highlights (something im still practicing) and i will likely replace some of my GW silver metallics with more from VMA

    for p3 i've got thornwood green and khardic flesh because skin tones is something else i need practice with and after i saw a model painted with the khardic flesh glazed over the thornwood green, thought id give it a go.

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    Paint with color which suit me... or model. But i must say that I found VMA mettalics are great. Hate metalics from GW or just dont know how to use them.

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    I preffer the old GW when drybrush didnt require extra paint. New GW is not so dense ;/

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    I have been using the GW pots. However, for priming, I use P3 primer.

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    The search function on this topic will give yo more info than you can read. This topic comes up at least Biannually.
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