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    I'm trying to get some feedback on my model I've took a photo, and would also like feedback of the quality, if you could help, or want feedback of your own feel free to post it in comments^^! I just started painting last month! What do you think of my progress? Are there any videos you think I should watch for my next big step? Everything is appreciated, let me know if you want some of my own insight
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    it looks like you have done tidy paint job. very neat pairing and the colour scheme looks good. if this is a finished model then I would say the blade needs more work as it loo unfinished.

    the cloth is also lack in contrast, you could do with taking the shadows deeper and the highlights lighter.

    I found the miniature mentor videos good learning resources and reasonably priced especially if you pay the subscription. but theres plenty of stuff on line for free. if your wanting to do display standard models then you need to look into blending.

    I'm no export on mini photography, but would say you need more diffused soft light on the subject and if possible a tidy background it will make the mini stand out better.

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    Not sure if you wanted feedback on the model, photo or both, but as one that had to learn it, I'll help with the photo.

    I suck at photography. What I did to get more or less decent results was this:

    - I got a rubbish bin from IKEA for a dollar (the white semi-opaque ones)
    - Printed a few of the neat backgrounds from Massive Voodoo
    - Cut a hole in the bin a few inches wide
    - Put the bin upside down on a table, with the printed background sort of curved inside, with the minis on top of that
    - Aimed three lamps at the bin from different directions (had to play around with this for a bit to get it right)
    - And finally took the picture

    Cheap and not hard at all. I still think I need to fix the backgrounds, they seem glossy so I might try to hit them with some dull coat. And getting the lights right is tricky. But I really recommend this setup. If you check out my CORE robots in my WIP ( I took their picture with this setup and a crappy, dirty iPhone camera. Compare it to any other picture I've taken and enjoy the difference. Well worth a dollar and twenty minutes of work.

    As for the paint job - you have good brush control and an eye for detail. I suggest that you read up on some blending/shading/highlighting techniques, don't settle for drybrushing and washes. Master this and you can become a pretty accomplished painter.

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    It isnt finished yet sadly, I have to get an airbrush for the blade! Also, the arm needs doing, just had to glue in on. For the cloth, do you think another layer of agrax would do the trick? And a drybrush of ushabti might do it. fair enough, I havent seen alot of blending but it looks interesting

    My phone took this pic and I just wanted to see if it looked fine should have clarified, but I think i definately need to pose the lighting and get a backdrop! Thanks for the critique! happy modeling!

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    Default Update

    Heres another with base, all work is done but the halberd*i need an airbrush for it*
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    Looks good. Try to darken the shadows and heighten the highlights, that should really make it pop!

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    Like oistene wrote work on your highlights and shadows. Try to watch some tuts on YT. There is bunch of them there. As for airbrush, thats only my opinion, learn how to paint with brush then go with airbrush. You can learn blending on halberd its nice and flat so it would be easier.

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    A little black-wash will go a long way towards defining the various edges and/or details of all that metal. A couple of black dots (or better yet, drill a couple of holes) at the end of the gun barrel. And as for the photo itself,.. same advice as always,.. use macro function, set ISO down to around 100, and if it has a separate aperature setting (F-stop),.. set it to around 16 or so. Also, a curved paper background will help some, as well a 2 or 3 light setup, and a light diffuser of some type (wax paper or butcher paper work pretty well and are cheap)
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    Just a note for next time make sure you prep your mini thoroughly (seam line running along the staff) it will make all the difference to the finished painting
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