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Thread: Heldiar WIP- Changeling and little fight

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    Due to some health issues at home I had some brake from painting. But now everything back to normal so it's time to speed up with my ork, and that what I achieved for now.
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    One day I will finish that mini

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    That's looking really nice, the only nitpick i have is that I would have done the veins a different colour, a red-purple with the skin tone glazed over but that's not necessarily a must have

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    Metals looking really nice on this. Keep the updates coming now you're back up and running

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    Green guy finished. Well ok there is one little thing which I forgot to paint, noticed it after taking those pics so consider it done ( it was that tiny ring in bottom of his.. belt buckle?).
    Tomorrow I will start doing base for him, but first I need to choose from few ideas. It's a pity that I don't have pic of him before, he was one of my first minis what I paint like 3 years ago, now he definitely looks better.
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    One day I will finish that mini

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    Now I can't stop laughing from myself. One more thing to do with him. But we will see if someone will spot it.
    One day I will finish that mini

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    That is a really awesome paint job Heldiar! Love the metals and the skin and the loin cloth/tabard thing stands out to me for some reason. Love it!

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    The black bit on his right biceps?
    Looks really nice, by the way. I especially like the NMM that is half chrome, half rusty.

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    Thanks guys. No SaintToad, that bit its just poorly highlighted, and because it was mentioned I redo it while I was painting his nail. Yes I forgot to make him manicure. Started base today, no pictures nothing interesting in drying milliput.
    One day I will finish that mini

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    Genuinely had to look hard to even find the fingernails. He's gorgeous though, I'm always impressed with people that can paint well weathered minis in a way where everything is still distinct.
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    And he is done. For voting or more pics for those who don't want to do it.
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    Had some problems making that water/toxic effect. Any comments or critique welcome. Next to paint some marines for space hulk and some other guys for Silver tower but they gonna be more table top level.
    One day I will finish that mini

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