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Thread: Heldiar WIP- Changeling and little fight

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    Due to some health issues at home I had some brake from painting. But now everything back to normal so it's time to speed up with my ork, and that what I achieved for now.
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    One day I will finish that mini

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    That's looking really nice, the only nitpick i have is that I would have done the veins a different colour, a red-purple with the skin tone glazed over but that's not necessarily a must have

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    Metals looking really nice on this. Keep the updates coming now you're back up and running

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    Green guy finished. Well ok there is one little thing which I forgot to paint, noticed it after taking those pics so consider it done ( it was that tiny ring in bottom of his.. belt buckle?).
    Tomorrow I will start doing base for him, but first I need to choose from few ideas. It's a pity that I don't have pic of him before, he was one of my first minis what I paint like 3 years ago, now he definitely looks better.
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    One day I will finish that mini

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    Now I can't stop laughing from myself. One more thing to do with him. But we will see if someone will spot it.
    One day I will finish that mini

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    That is a really awesome paint job Heldiar! Love the metals and the skin and the loin cloth/tabard thing stands out to me for some reason. Love it!

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    The black bit on his right biceps?
    Looks really nice, by the way. I especially like the NMM that is half chrome, half rusty.

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    Thanks guys. No SaintToad, that bit its just poorly highlighted, and because it was mentioned I redo it while I was painting his nail. Yes I forgot to make him manicure. Started base today, no pictures nothing interesting in drying milliput.
    One day I will finish that mini

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    Genuinely had to look hard to even find the fingernails. He's gorgeous though, I'm always impressed with people that can paint well weathered minis in a way where everything is still distinct.
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