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    Very nice!
    It’s as I always say, hopelessness is the greatest aphrodisiac… in Űnderland. -Werner Űnderbheit

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    Seriously though. Is this inspired by the wild hunt? Is it a leader or a specialist? will it at least be coming out this year? Does he have a name? I will follow you on all social media until I know more about this mini...
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    That looks amazing... So glad I decided to started collecting.

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    New faction? And when can we see WoK being stocked in the UK?

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    Looks like a Skorza. Awesome scuplt!

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    Belt Buckle looks like the Goritsi emblem.

    Awesome looking model, cant wait to see more!

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    Definitely looks nasty. Looks too good to be an infantry so I'm guessing a leader for Goritsi's second rank 2 infantry, or a rank 2 specialist.

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