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    Am I the only one who constantly checks this forum to see when Western Front will drop? I'm hoping for another Kickstarter as they're just so damn exciting, but I'll take whatever I can get. Miniatures games have been making a killing on KS lately, RW would be a shoe-in. This game flipped the board game switch in my head two years ago and I've been a hopeless dice-chucking miniatures fan ever since. I know it's bad policy to announce projects before they're ready, but it would be nice for CMoN to give us a heads up on future plans.

    I'd pre-order right now for both the Russka - Ottoman Western Front and Hajame-Barbary Northern Front if I could...

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    I'd be happy to see it - but hopefully not for a while. I only just now got (most - still have one mini to go) of my core set painted. Still have all the others! If they're going to flood us with minis again (and they'll need to - to keep things balanced between the factions) they need to give us a few years between.

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    They've got to be ready for the expansion, we've been seeing model builds for a year. I, for one, would like to see it pop this summer. I'm already in on every single item/expansion/upgrade they'll offer.

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    you cant rush perfection (y)
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    From what I've seen of the sculpts, perfection is upon us and ready to be unleashed!

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    I would assume with the massive success of Eastern Front, Western front is going to be more expensive, but more bang for your buck. It will be much closer to a pre order rather then a special deal. Either way, I'm saving for it now. I'm a little scared, I only have maybe $100 set aside for it. I know I'll need at least two.
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    You're definitely not the only one mate, I check this daily, as much for what others are doing as updates.
    To be fair though Ted had me with another kickstarter before I'd finished my first game.

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    So, any news from the Western Front? CMON Con is coming up, but I haven't seen Rivet Wars on the list of featured games.

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    We are still working hard on the projects. Right now we are focusing on how we and CMoN can best support the community with the sets that are out there now. What can we get to players in the short term to enhance the core box/espansions with more play options etc. More terrain options are what we're looking at now such as ground tiles. Blocking terrain and some cover. We just don't have anything we can post yet. Thanks again for the support and questions.

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    Thank you, Ted. The sculpts you've shown have been amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on more Rivet Wars.

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    Looks like something is happening at CMON expo:
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