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    The 'Hot' in 'Hoth'

    Yesterday our scouts found the mother of all bases. The allies have goofed and shown us the location of their largest war factory. However, we can’t get our aircraft close enough to crater the factory with their superior anti aircraft standing guard. However, spies have discovered we can cut the power to these weapons by attacking a steam power plant nearby. We can amass a strike force to destroy that generator.

    Summary: The Blightun troops march on to destroy the plant. The allies have to defend it with everything they have. Treat the SOs as the power plant. The power plant has armour level: 4.

    Requirements: Rivet Wars: Eastern Front

    Suggested: Spearhead Expansion, Battle of Brighton Expansion

    Special Rules: Blight- The Blight are pulling out all stops for this offensive. Blight need not worry about Rivets when deploying ground units and heroes.

    Allies- The allies can not get land troops to the warehouse fast enough. For this battle only, the Allied forces are allowing you to spawn Scout Air Troops for 1 DP. Only allied infantry can take refuge inside of the factory.

    Resources: Allies: 3 DPs 1 Rivet. Blight: 4 DPs

    Victory Conditions: Allies gain 1 Victory Point every round. Blight must damage the factory to gain points. For every positive hit gain +1 point. If a Flat grid attack is used, it damages all in the grid, including the factory. First to 8 VPs wins.

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