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    Default PSN / Vita?

    Is there any chance this will evevtually make it on to PSVita? It is my prefered gaming platform.

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    **** DISCLAIMER: This is my opinion. I have no insight into CMON's plans for this game ****

    I could see this game ported to Android but I seriously doubt it would be ported to a console type platform like the PSN or Vita.

    It might get ported to a desktop type platform (Mac, *nix or PC) if they use Unity ( (or a similar development platform) to develop this. Otherwise, I doubt seeing it beyond iOS and Android (and I would be surprised to see Windows phone support as it is a small player in the smartphone territory, if they stick to that territory).

    Even though a developer uses a development platform like Unity, each supported platform has its quirks. This means that the more gaming platform is supported, the harder it gets to support the users.

    @CMON: any insight? ;P

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    You're not too far from the mark, DevKat, we do use Unity, and we do plan on going desktop eventually.

    We have not considered consoles yet. As you may or may not know they are a wee bit more complicated to publish to and our games do not exactly translate very easily to console control schemes.

    Let's say the odds of seeing this on Vita are slim at best, and most certainly no time soon.

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    Thanks BlackLotus for the clarifications.

    Much appreciated.

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