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    It's been a while since my last post, but in that time I've switched houses and done a six-month remodelling project. I finally got my painting desk set up again and am trying to get cracking. Wanted something simple to start with that I can hopefully finish quickly and gain some momentum. This mystery lady has been in my bitz box for several years now and needs some paint. The tag said ikore, and google tells me they had a game called Void a few years back. Otherwise I don't really know anything else about her.
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    So great to see you again Greg!!! Looking forward to this!!!

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    Making progress, not bad for one week since I'm usually slow as molasses.
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    Looking good. I like that yellowy green on the pants.

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    That lime green transition on those trousers is extremely impressive Greg!!!!

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    Thanks Toad and BAM. Green has never been a color I've really been comfortable with, so I'm trying to get better. I am pretty happy with how the pants turned out. I've made a little more progress, slow but steady.
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    Nice and clean painting, keep at this pace it's working well
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Default Reboot

    Testing... Testing 1, 2...
    Does this thing still work?
    After much soul searching I've realized I really miss painting minis, and I also kinda miss this community. So I'm really trying to push myself to get started back up. Despite having the failed project above staring me in the face, I'm going to try and press on. I'm working on a couple of things at the moment. Sadly, the projects on my desk haven't changed much since I last updated this thread. I'm still working on my Bombshell girl - Raven Skye.

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    She's just ALMOST done, but needs her base finished up and a few details. Sadly, if I try to paint the details now I'll probably just make a mess. So, as a warm-up, Space Cat!

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    Wish me luck!

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    Hi, good, solid work on the lady!

    I can see only two problems on her, the yellow skirt, where the shadows are more saturated than the highlights. Shadows should be darker (check) and more unsaturated (not check). Other one is the gray pants, needs some more shadow/highlight, it is too plain right now.

    Other ideas, if you are already using reds, you can glaze the cheeks with red, and maybe go up to white with the NMM, providing more contrast.

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    I love the colors you chose for bombshell girl! Looks like a fun mini to paint.

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    Arch a nice smoother color palette very nice to the eye buddy!!!!

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    Thanks Lone Lemming, gorb, and BAM. I appreciate the help and encouragement.

    I'm not ready to touch Raven yet, but I painted a bit more on Space Cat - still working on his suit. It's been a struggle...

    I'm aiming for the khaki color used by the Russian Space program. I've been using a mix of Vallejo MC green grey and GC bone white. Eventually I'll do some bone white + white for the highlights. This mix seems to dry a very different color than what it looks when wet, and it was really giving me grief on the first couple of sessions. I painted his feet last, and I think some of my instincts are coming back - the transitions there look better. Only problem now is that his feet don't match the rest of him! I've also had to force myself to slow down a little. He's bigger than the 28mm scale folks I'm used to painting, and he's mostly suit, so it's really too much area to try and do all in one go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khavor View Post
    He's bigger than the 28mm scale folks I'm used to painting, and he's mostly suit, so it's really too much area to try and do all in one go.
    Plus, most of it is white, my biggest nightmare
    Looks good though, keep going!

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    looking really good so far, don't worry about the feed. the difference in shade is not enough to to stand out.
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