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    Default Keyboard Bug

    Build 21
    iOS 8.3
    iPhone 5s

    When trying to list an online game, the first time it asks for my callsign. I use a Swype keyboard and this is the result I got:

    The keyboard is partially displaying in the upper right corner.

    I was able to swap to the regular keyboard, but the damage was already done:

    I had to kill the app to be able to enter my callsign, making sure that I had the iOS default keyboard.

    Anyone experienced this?
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    I suspect this is probably an issue with Swype interacting with Unity itself or even just OpenGL/Metal views. I do confess I didn't know you could change iOS keyboards until now. =O

    Either way, this is something that's probably out of our reach, we could submit a bug report to Unity but it's highly likely they'll just tell us to submit a bug report to Swype instead!

    Have you not experienced this with other games that use 3D graphics? (95% of them would be made with Unity, the rest with Unreal... =P)

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