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    Does any one know when the great new minis i see on the Darkage site will be released.I have been trying to get a U.K supplier but he will not comit to anything until the range is bigger.So i would be greatful for any intel as i never get replys from Darkage themselves.:D

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    I beleive that currently a lot of online stores ar offering Dark Age, and the main website has it\'s own store so you might want to check them out.. And no, Haley doesn\'t paint every single one for customers. You\'d have to bay 100x that price!.. :P

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    Good afternoon.

    Jim, as to your question...I cant give you an official answer but from what I\'ve noticed in the Dark Age forums is that they\'re looking at monthly releases.
    December just saw the release of 6 great new Skarrd figs :
    1. Golab
    2. Chitin
    3. Grafter
    4. Harpy (two models)
    5. Buzzblade (two models)
    6. Sister of Charity

    For now, I would suggest getting together with a couple of friends to place an on shipping!

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    Hello all...I didn\'t want to start a new thread, and this is relevant anyway. For anyone that is interested, Grafter has provided a link to the Release Schedule. If you were impressed with the Dragyri, come and check out the upcoming Brood! These guys are wickedly different!

    For the record, the concept guys have always thought that \'monsters\' should be monstrous! The Dragyri, which are actually indigenous to the planet, and the Brood are definitely - from a human perspective - monsters. And this is reflected in their relative sizes. The Brood as a force is somewhat more individual based, so there will be less models than in a similar-sized Forsaken or Skarrd force, but the average Brood model stands in at around 54 mm.

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