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Thread: Parts Request Status...

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    Default Parts Request Status...

    Hi folks,

    Just a quick question: Did anyone who filed a parts request got a response or even got their parts shipped or received?

    It's been 7 weeks now and still no response from CMON...


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    I wouldn't worry, I and others are in the same or similar boat. I sent them an email after I first got xenoshyft about missing a ton of sleeves, damaged sleeves, and some missing cards. They said they would send new ones after they were done mailing (which they are now). I then received zombicide and was missing one set of promo dashboards (for season 3 characters). I sent them another email reminding them of the missing xenoshyft stuff and missing zombicide stuff and got a response right away.

    I have not yet received the replacements yet but remember that they just ran two kickstarters and are running a very intense kickstarter right now (black plague). They were also sending out pledges worldwide for xenoshyft and zombicide during this time with only limited manpower. We will all get our missing stuff or replacements in due time.

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    I emailed support on April 24 about missing sleeves. On April 28 I got a reply stating they would send them as soon as possible. I contacted again on May 20 since I hadn't seen any updates, and on May 21 I got this response: "We are still processing the late pledges as soon as they ship we will begin to ship the replacement parts."

    I haven't heard anything further.

    update: got email with tracking number on June 17, package arrived June 20, so my KS is now complete.
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    I really hope for some improvement from this week - they are now done shipping Zombicide, and should have the time to do other things before World of Smog is due to be shipped.

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    Folks, thanks for comments. I can see that you are getting a response so that is pretty cool and some even received the missing parts.

    I guess CMON doesn't like me or something as I never get a response from them.

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    Yeah, it takes a while. I'm still waiting on parts replacement from a request made back in April...

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    I'm in the same boat... Sent a request for missing sleeves (specifically noting which two packs of wrapped cards I was unable to sleeve due to the deficiency), an address to ship to, pledge number, etc.

    Basically, I tried to do everything I'm hoping to see in a ticket when I get a new request in my own ZenDesk inbox at work. I received a response back a few days later: "How many sleeves do you need?"

    No apology, no acknowledgement of the screw up, and a very frustrating response. I JUST said I had enough sleeves for everything EXCEPT these two packs of cards. Have a little product knowledge to deduce that Pack A = X cards; Pack B = Y cards so X+Y=Z sleeves that should be shipped to the customer.

    After responding quickly (and opening the packs to provide an exact count)... nothing.
    Followup was sent a week later... nothing.
    Sent a new ticket on Monday... still nothing.

    Any response over 24 hours is already less than ideal, but a week is unacceptable and a month is ******* absurd. Given the fact that there was no acknowledgement of the issue, no apology, and NO OUTREACH to the people who backed them on KickStarter? I'm out. I've canceled my currently backed CMON Kickstarted games, will not be backing any additional ones, and will most likely sell or trade the ones currently in works and shipping soon.

    This probably seems really petty over $5.00 in sleeves, but those are the kinds of cheap/easy/quick tickets you love to see as a company and as a customer service rep. I don't care if you have another big release game coming out or another Kickstarter that will be shipping out soon - just because you already got my money doesn't mean I'm now a second class citizen who deserves to get ignored over something CMON screwed up on to begin with.

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    You are absolutely right to be so frustrated. I am too. CMON has failed on the communication part.

    However, to their defense following a comment from another Zombicide backer that is so true, they were never prepared for the mess created by both the west coast strike and the new shipper for APAC.

    This is actually a great learning opportunity for them and top actually come back and make amends. THIS in my opinion will be a demonstration of how much this company really cares for their pre-order clients (yes, Kickstarter is a pre-order process for them).

    We'll see...

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    I am totally aware of and sympathetic to external issues that can throw even the best laid plans for a loop. Whenever you're dealing with thousands of international orders, the logistics and planning involved in making that go as smoothly as possible is daunting.

    With that in mind, sending an email to relevant backers noting those delays and/or a more proactive approach to possible problems is all I'm asking for. If I had received a response to my first message within a reasonable time (1-3 business days) that said something like "Hey, sorry about screwing that up. We're waiting for a replacement shipment to clear the west coast, so it might be 4-5 weeks before we can get those to you, but we'll be back in touch the moment we ship them out!"

    At that point, I'm not entirely happy with the situation (because who is ever happy to receive an incomplete order?), but I at least know what's going on and what action will be taken AND that external forces are the cause of the delay. Pretty simple stuff, really.

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    @Michifus: Oh, you are absolutely right and I am with you on that boat. I think that this is where CMON has failed dramatically: not communicating properly.

    This is where most organisations fail during crisis... communication during crisis situations... or lack thereof. The best examples are two major different incidents in recent years in Canada: The Mapple Leaf Listeriosis in 2008 vs the MMA train crash in Lac Mégantic in 2013. Mapple Leaf survived something that should have killed the business by properly managing the communication front with the public from the get-go and keeping the public updated at every step. MMA failed (and eventually filed for bankruptcy) because they did not communication immediately and tried to accuse everyone (even threw the driver under the buss) instead of manning up and dealing with the incident.

    My point is that (IMHO) they view themselves as in the business of producing and selling games. Not in client management. That is why this major mess was so badly handled. Hopefully they have/will learn from this and ensure that, in the future, they have a comms team to communicate with the clients and manage crisis situations as this will not be the last one.

    I even offered them to assist in managing this mess (crisis management is in my field of work), for free, but have yet to get a response on that...

    Sadly, with how the KS campaign for ZBP is going, I am not certain that the managers will see issues, which might explain why they are not responding to my help offer. We'll see how they adjust from this point on. Only the future can tell.

    Take care.

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    Ok. Finally got my shipment of sleeves for Onslaught and the package is now complete.

    We`ll now see with ZS3... :|
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    Everyone here is aware that the Dockworkers strike in Cali effed up a LOT of shipping timelines, right?

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    Absolutely (please refer to this comment of mine: and Michifus's comment: and that is not the issue here. And actually, it is not only the West Coast strike but it is also the messed up XS and ZS3 APAC shipments because of the new shipping company they used. CMON lost a lot of money on this one.

    The issue is the lack of communication from CMON.

    *** My Experience
    Working in client services for over 20 years, when I managed major f$ck$ps like that, I would ensure that every time a ticket is received, we have a team to respond to the clients within 24h to confirm that we received the ticket, that they are in the list and give them an estimate of when we will be able to respond with more definitive details (like a resolution date). If things would come in as a flood, it would be a bulk communication to all the clients to confirm the reception.

    Once we have resolution time estimates established, the team would go back to the clients (typically with a bulk email) providing the ticket number and the estimated resolution date. If something would through that in the left field, we would contact again the clients in bulk to keep them apprised of the situation.

    The reason for an actual response instead of the automated response gives a sense to the client (even if it is a bulk email) that we ARE paying attention to the issue. The bulk email gives them a sense that they are not alone and gives comfort to most clients.

    F$ck$ps like what happened to CMON (the strike, the APAC shipping mess) happens. What CMON has demonstrated here is that they have failed in dealing with this appropriately. Clients opening tickets and having no response for more than a month is a huge failure in client relationship/services. Seeing how ugly it was getting, I offered my help, for free, to manage this client relationship disaster and have yet to get a response. :/

    ***DISCLAIMER: Now, this is in no way an attack to the people working at CMON as they did the best they could with the situation and the tools they have at hand.***

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    Now that CMON has been able to resolve most of the issues, I think that this thread can be closed and archived.

    However, I don`t know how to do this. :/

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