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    Here's the thing:

    When all 4 lanes are full of troops, and each troop already has armour and weapons equipped, I cannot swap items between troops already equipped. (For example, I might decide after looking through the deployment that this troop would work better with this set of equipment. Can't swap.)

    Related note: Can't even swap out if I have troop or equipment cards in hand (eg. swap out a troop or item already in the lane with a card in my hand). Mind you, this is still the deployment phase.

    Or am I missing something obvious?
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    I observed the same thing and other behaviors that I find strange but I thought it was a rule thing... I wanted to check the rules before saying anything...

    Is it mentioned in the rules?

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    In the printed rules from the hardcopy game, troops that remain from the previous round cannot be removed from the lanes (unless they're being kept alive by armour, so removing the armour will "kill" the troop and it can be removed). But they can be swapped around in the lanes.

    When you deploy troops in the lanes together with equipment and weapons, the assumption is you can adjust the weapons and items during the Deployment Phase until you're satisfied, then move on to the next round. If I have say 3 troops of one type and 2 of another in my hand, I might want to experiment with various configurations.

    Of course, that's the actual hardcopy game. I'm assuming (hah) that'll translate over to the digital version as well.

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    I've checked with the paper game developers.
    You cannot by any means return a card to your hand that's been deployed. You also cannot move equipment around unless there is a valid spot for it.
    So technically in your first example everything works as intended in that situation (lane is filled with troops filled with equipment): you would NOT be able to move anything around, in theory.

    Of course, there's always leeway to interpret the rules when you're playing at your table, amirite? But I'm afraid in a digital application we do have to enforce certain rules a little more strictly.

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    Thanks for the reply, but that seems to contradict some replies Mike Shinall made either in this forum or the BGG forum where he answered:

    4- If a troop survives a round, he must stay in his lane till killed, but I can rearrange him correct?

    -Surviving Troops and Items can be re-arranged in lane as you see fit, but they cannot be removed.

    5- May equipment ever be removed from one troop and played on another? Like after surviving a round, can I play an armor or weapon from a lower card to a higher, or must the equipment stay "on" till killed?

    -Surviving Troops and Items can be re-arranged in lane as you see fit, but they cannot be removed.

    Can I discard troops that survived previous rounds?

    No, once a troop or card is deployed to your lane it cannot be removed without card effect. Note, however, that equipment can be freely moved (so you could, for example, move the Armor off a Troop with 1 HP remaining, which would in turn kill the troop).


    So which is it? We can move equipment around or we cannot?

    And re: new troop and equipment deployment: if we make a mistake during the deployment phase we are stuck with it? (I get that surviving troops can't be re-deployed).

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    Right, there's no contradiction though:

    4 - In the software right now you can re-arrange troops as you see fit, even if the lane is full, in which case the troops will shift around properly.
    5 - You can re-arrange items as well, BUT, since they cannot be removed, if there is no free slot on the troops to move it to, then you cannot move them.
    6 - You can remove an armor right now if there's another troop to equip it and the troop should die.

    Being more to the point: Removing AND equipping an armor/weapon at the same time is actually against the rules, that's what I checked with Michael after your post. You actually need a free weapon/armor slot somewhere to be able to rearrange.

    Also, in regards to new troops: We are considering allowing "recently" deployed items/troops to be treated differently than "survivors", i.e. allowing you to place them back into your hand as an "undo", but that will most likely have to wait until the first or second patch post-release.

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    OK, I think I"m referring to new troops, not troops already in lane from previous Waves. Hope you can work on allowing us to experiment with various combos or "undo" a mistaken deployment.

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