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    Sorry if this has been posted before, but... how do I access the Grafting Lab to get the Harpy Wings?

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    Use the Xenostore in the main menu to "purchase" the Grafting Lab expansion, then it'll show up during game setup if you want to add the expansion to the game and if you do the division will be available to play with.

    During beta the in-app purchase is free, of course!

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    Ah, in that case, I'm getting the "Cannot connect to Xenostore" error.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Well, first off, you need a working Internet connection.

    If you have one, the other probable cause is that you are logged to the App Store using a different account than what you used to accept the beta.
    Try going to your device's settings and logging off completely from the App Store and then restart the Xenoshyft app (just to be sure) and try again.
    That oughta ask you to login to the App Store and whatnot, so make sure you login using the same account you used in Testflight, and then it should work.

    Let me know if this doesn't solve it please.

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    Doesn't solve it. I attach 2 JPGs to show my App Store and TestFlight account are the same.

    Attached Images Attached Images   

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    That is really odd then, usually logging out of the App Store and back in would fix it.

    Are you in some uncommon App Store region perhaps?
    I also noted this e-mail above isn't the one you've been invited through apparently (it's not in our iTunes panel), so maybe it's that... Although Apple says you can technically accept the Testflight invite from a diff e-mail, maybe if they don't match you can't purchase in the beta...

    I know of no one else that had issues unlocking the expansion so far.

    Shoot me an e-mail at so we can investigate plz...

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