Question on the Deathmaw card.
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Thread: Question on the Deathmaw card.

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    Default Question on the Deathmaw card.

    Concerning the Deathmaw card...

    I get that the troop is equipped to the Deathmaw, but does that mean the troops stats are boosting the Deathmaw's stat like a piece of armor (that is, boosting both attack and defense)? And it says when the Deathmaw suffers damage, the troop suffers two damage; does the troop suffer 2 of that damage, or just 2 additional damage. If I hit the Deathmaw with 4, is that 2 on Deathmaw and 2 on the troop, or 4 on the Deathmaw and 2 on the troop?

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    Deathmaw is basically holding the troop hostage almost... So it's not really equipping it more like has it binded to him. So there is no boosting of the Deathmaw's attack or defense. \
    And in terms of damage its 2 damage done to the troop on top of the damage that you are doing to the Deathmaw. So its 4 on the Deathmaw and 2 on the troop.

    People had a similar question to yours in the boardgamegeek forums and most of us had agreed to what i gave you above. The developers didn't need to come in to correct it so I'm assuming its correct.

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    Great. That's how we've been playing it. Thanks much for the reply.

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