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Thread: Siren MIniatures - new company on the market

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    Default Siren Miniatures - Sisters of No Mercy and more

    At least, we released our July models. This month we have 2 models: Thaibo - fearless dwarf, killer of monsters and Witness - daemon? other dimensional being? Definite most our wicked miniature. More pictures can be found on our website:



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    A few days ago second miniature painting tutorial was published on our website. This text presents painting process of our Assassyn Model, and describes really intresting and unusual techniques.
    It can be found on here:
    Crowling in the shadows - Assassyn Painting Tutorial

    If you like it (or would like to say someting about it) please leave your comment on our facebook page

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    Some very nice designs! Very clean and precise.

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    Siren has some nice miniatures. I saw a Virgil that someone painted on CMON that prompted me to get my own. It remains unpainted with a million other minis, but some day it will a lot of fun to paint.

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    Default Siren Miniatures - September releases

    We are proud to present our newest models: Eagle Guards.

    More pictures available on our site:

    For next 24 hour models will be available with 15% discount or 20% when buying in bundle.

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    Specially for you teaser of incoming model. Concept art of new lady that is going to be releases very soon. But thats not all, more info on our web site or on our Facebook page

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    Our newest models are released:Ingrid -
    Nadia -

    they are also available in one bundle with 15% off -
    (remember: orders above 50 euro are shipped for free and if you ordered for more than 100 euro you will receive special free miniature)

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    Default Siren Miniatures - new dwarf!!!

    This month we released one miniature but it is deadly serious model - dwarf with biggest gun you can imagine.
    More pictures on our site:
    Also, check our other dwarfs:

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    i like them! I see them and i totally just want to have and paint them!

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    They strike me as a cross between Illyiad and Confrontation in style.
    Very tempted by a couple.
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    Default Siren Miniatures - Troublemakers

    We just releases new miniatures. As we always try it is something unusual - grim and dark sweetness Let pictures speak for themselves.
    More pictures and info on our site. Remember - until end of February you can get preorder discount -15%.

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    New painted miniature. More pictures on our site:


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    Some days ago we added pictures of painted Ingrid model to our web site. Here is an example, more can be find on page. This model is also available in Sisters of no mercy bundle with 15% discount. At this moment we have twelve of our miniatures in full color.
    Sisters of No Mercy
    Sirenminiatures store

    We hope that soon we will present more painted miniatures on our site and facebook page. If you like this miniature or want to share some thoughts just comment on our Facebook. And don't forget to share this information .

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    Default Jungle Fighters - Fantasy dwarf miniatures

    Hi guys here are one of our latest releases.
    I hopu you will like our knee kicking, elbow throwing little dudes

    Here are conceptart I did for these little dudes.

    Here are photos of an actual resin miniatures

    You can fin more photos at this addresses:
    Mogwai - Fantasy dwarf miniature
    Droud - Fantasy dwarf miniature
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    Some of You may missed this one, so here it is...

    You can download free tutorial from our page: Fantasy dwarf - free miniature painting tutorial

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    Default Marcus - Fantasy troll miniature

    Our newest mini has been released.
    This time it is troll named Marcus.
    Once he was part of a circus freak show, but now things have changed.

    As always You can find more photos on our webpage: Marcus - Fantasy troll miniature

    You can also follow us on social media:

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    Default Cailu - Fantasy elf miniature

    Hi Guys, a little sneak peek of our upcoming Elf miniature.
    This is our first Elf model in the series so we are exited

    Concept art


    Let us know what You think

    As always You can find more minis and materials on our webpage: Siren Miniatures

    To not miss discounts and pre-orders option follow us on social media:

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    Our first Elves minis

    You can find more photos at:

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