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    The latest zombicide theme has really caught my eye with the fantasy miniatures being shown. My one hangup that I'm not sure of to pull the trigger or not is how are the casts of the figures? I know this isn't meant to be the same quality of a showcase miniature since they will be produced in such volumes but have they evolved since the first KS? The pictures of the the survivors especially are stunning and something I'd love to have a mini as close as possible to what they are being shown as on the kickstarter.

    Are those prototype/studio models and I'm assuming they'll be cast from PVC plastic. I'm much more into the painting side of things and would love to know what some of you think of the recent miniatures produced and what to expect in this KS?

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    Got all 3 seasons and the toxic mall set. Using acrlics they paint up real nice and have surprising good detail on the figs. Season one were the best with quality bropping just a hair by season 3...but not much. From what I have seen on the KS page the new figs are going to be outstanding. It is the first time I have been a KS backer and I love it. But will not love the wait time till they finally get to my paint table.

    Check my pictures, I have a few shots of Zombicide figs painted on them.
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    I really like the figures and have painted up all three seasons so far. In my opinion, the details have gotten sharper with each season's figures, there are a couple in each season that are so so. For a single piece cast they are pretty sweet, you might need to do a little dip in some hot water to straighten parts out, but overall I like them.

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    I do think the minis have improved with each season. Not massively, but things like nearly all zombie models being bald the first time round gave me the notion it was easier that sculpting/casting hair.
    Perhaps they aren't better though, isn't as if the models are now all crisp and fancy - the crawlers being painted at the moment aren't defined enough to always tell what's flesh, bone, or cloth.

    I recall reading the material to be used for Black Plague wasn't yet decided upon. I'd love them to be in a hard plastic, expensive molds though. If it's the same soft plastic then they'll be as cheap and nasty as they have been. And really I'm fine with that. It's quite liberating to just slap paint on some crappy minis and not worry about labouring at creating masterpieces.

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