How equipments affect the stats of troops
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Thread: How equipments affect the stats of troops

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    I finally get my kickstarter pledge and manage to play a game last week-end with my nice and nephews.

    We really enjoy it, even if they don't understand english, thanks to the co-operative nature of the game.

    Anyway, a few questions arise, one of them is:

    How does an equipment affect the stats of a troop?

    Does the stat of the equipment replaces the corresponding stat of the troop?

    It seems like a very basic question, but the rules doesn't state it, nor the equipment and for what I reminds of all the other games I have played that kind of information is always stated clearly in the rules or on games elements.
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    From Rulebook Pg. 6, under Items:

    Boosts: Equipment Cards may increase the Power
    Value or Hit Points of the Troops they are equipped
    to. If an Equipment Card lists a Power Value or Hit
    Points, they are added to the equipped Troop’s
    Power Value or Hit Points.
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    Thank you.

    I don't know how I missed or forgot that I read that section
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