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    Default having trouble with season 3

    really need help dealing with trying to get my kickstarter pledge. trying to find pledge number, have been onto GG, CMON, and kickstarter to try and resolve issues but come up against brick walls everywhere.

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    Can't help with names I'm afraid, but your pledge number you should be able to find by going to the kickstarted page for season three, then click on view pledge, your Pledge (Backer) number is at the top of the page

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    Support is currently swamped requests, but message them and they will help you out. Of course, if you find the pledge number, it will be faster.

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    And give them the email added you are using with Kickstarter. It will help them track it down.

    This campaign and the Xenoshyft campaign are a real mess due to the US west coast strike at the ports of entry and the new shipper used in the APAC/Australia/NZ shipments.

    CMON is hurting in trying to fix this huge mess. In my humble opinion, they should have stopped all the other campaigns to fix this and they should have a better first response rate to at least set the expectations of the clients.

    If people know it will take a month to get to their request, then (most) people well stop scanning and wait until their number is called, cutting down on the frustrated clients that they are facing. Most people are reasonable when there is a good communication.

    Hopefully this will be a great lesson learned for CMON ava they will change things around to cope with these future events...


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    I had a pert missing from a copy of Rue Morgue I bought. I sent them a parts replacement request and it took them a few days but they answered with a claim number. Last week I got a tracking number form them and it arrived this week...good service for me.
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