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    I know this has been covered before but I still don't understand if things stack. The consensus seems to be that +/- abilities stack. Such as OOroth's training, Dominating Presence. However, in the new updated FAQ, it states that the Zaalek ability Abomination does not stack.

    Are these not equivalent abilities as far as stacking?

    The only thing I can think of is that abilites with the same name do not stack. However, abilities with different names that have the same effect can stack.


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    The general opinion, which has not been confirmed nor denied by CMon, is that + abilities stack, while - abilities do not.

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    Well, from the FAQ we can be pretty certain that (-) abilities to not stack with themselves, so if you have 2 abilities that both give a (-) they would stack, but abilities of the same name that give a (-) does not stack. Abilities that give a (+) do stack with themselves and other abilities

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    @Swan. I agree that based on the rules + stack (pg 8 of the pdf). According to the FAQ, minus do not stack, although not explicitly stated. They could still say that their example is just an example of a leader not doubling up on their own training. So the only probable grey area is if abilities have different names, but convey the same - ability. I would like them to clarify if the name of the ability (not the name of it's affect) has anything to do with it.

    For now, I am going to just say that + stack and - do not, no exceptions. That is pretty simple and Mezegis indicates that others share this opinion.

    I am running a tournament on Saturday and will try and write up a tournament report for that.

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