Panic Spider vs. Paratrooper
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Thread: Panic Spider vs. Paratrooper

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    Default Panic Spider vs. Paratrooper

    Just had the instance, where a panic spider hit my paratrooper moving him to the back of the lane.
    When the Paratrooper was being placed back into lane (slot 4) it triggered his equip weapon & armor option.

    Worked out great for me, since I had an extra spark jumper in hand! but don't think that's a legal play :P

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    I know you said it has been fixed, and I'm assuming that will come in the next patch, but just wanted to mention when I place a paratrooper while another is already in play, I get to equip both of them. I just finished a game where my paratrooper was armed with 3 Weapons & 5 Armor, he was bad ass! Though I just about fell off my chair in laughter when I pulled a Shocker in Wave 3

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