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    Welcome to TheLost WIP!

    So I've been on CMON for a little while, mostly to admire the amazing and inspirational work of some of my favorite artists like Bailey03, Milosh, 10Ball, AlexiZ, Crackpot, and so many others. In my humble opinion, the work of these artists is nothing short of inspirational.

    I've been painting on and off since 2009, and have posted some pictures of some of my older stuff to get involved in the online experience of the miniature painting world. I even, by some miracle, made it to the New and Notable page for a day with my last piece

    However, I decided it's time to start my own WIP page. I have never really been someone to share things online, but thought this would be a great opportunity to share my joy with this hobby. Most importantly though, I want to learn more about miniature painting and would like to become a more skilled painter. I would love to share my miniature exploits with the CMON community, and along the way, learn how to actually paint.

    And thus, the journey begins...

    For God and Country,

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    My latest work is Ghost from Game of Thrones, made by Dark Sword Miniatures, one of my favorite miniature manufactures. The idea of this piece was to show the wolf in a simple winter scene.

    Here's how I built the base.

    I started with a square piece of bass wood and burned a corner down to give the base depth (learned that from MassiveVoodoo). I made the corner for the cliff structure by gluing 2 pieces of polystyrene to the top of the base. The cliff structure was made with milliput standard yellow; rocks were used to stamp in the texture. The icicles were made by melting clear plastic rod over a candle (thanks youtube). I actually stamped the icicles into the milliput before it dried so I could attach the icicles seamlessly after painting the base. The snow effect was done with crushed glass from Secret Weapon Miniatures and water effects from Woodland Scenics (thanks Secret Weapon Miniatures for the tutorials). Grass is from MiniNatur.

    The freehand of the label is supposed to look like the symbol to the Night's Watch with some blood splatter. I know how bad it looks, but that really is the best freehand I can manage at the moment. Again suggestions on improvement would be much appreciated. Until next time, happy painting!

    For God and Country,

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    Hey, welcome to the WIP forum! First off, I think the base is great. Looking at your scenic piece with the house, it's clear it's one of your strengths.

    As far as Ghost goes, what stands out to me immediately is the pale nose--if you look up pictures of white wolves, their noses are pretty much always black. It looks like your picture might be a little bit dim, so it's hard to tell how much of the mini is true, bright white, but as it is it looks like it could use some additional highlighting on the highest points. If things are too white already, maybe consider glazing with a little more ivory or gray?

    I think the Night's Watch symbol would be completely fine if you just went in with that parchment color and brought the feathers and beak to just a sliiiightly pointier point. It's a really neat detail.

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    Yep black nose with a tiny speck of pink.
    Nice work
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Hi mate, first of its a lovely base, really well done. As for Ghost, Reference is king. Have a look on the Internet and you will see a multitude of different pictures. I've just done a quick search and the most obvious thing from the reference is white wolves aren't really that white. Most have warm tan around the features, belly, sides etc and various shades of greys and blacks. There's also a few cool pics of wolves with ultra icy blue eyes which would make a really nice focal point.

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    I forgot to mention that the wolf isn't done yet. I still have to paint the claws, mouth, teeth, eyes, and nose. But thanks so far on the suggestions. I was planning on stripping the wolf and starting over with a more bone tinted white for the fur. I'll definitely check out some reference pictures. Thanks!

    For God and Country,

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