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Thread: 54mm Fantasy Vignette - Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat - Kickstarter

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    Default 54mm Fantasy Vignette - Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat - Kickstarter

    Hi All

    Let us introduce you our first project – Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat 54mm vignette . It starts on Kickstarter in 5 days.
    It is an epic 54mm vignette named „Fall of Great General“ (Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat)

    Here you can see a preview page on Kickstarter

    This is a part of more complex ensemble that covers for example a Vignettes and dioramas 54mm or tabletop game to be released in 2016.
    Vignette project and other upcoming items are taking place in our own world of Illada show episodes from the Great War for magic plant - a black Kenakarra rose.

    All our project are issued with logo of our world:

    Our first Kickstarter campaign, where vignette are describing the Battle of Irnon-Sol Terrat, will be offered starts in June 25th, 2015.
    It is not a cincidence we present you only silhouettes of our figures. Do you wanna know actual form of our sculpts? You can already see our thread in the discussion of the CMON Work in Progress and Project logs (click here) where you can find first WIP photos.

    If you wanna know even more about our projects, visit our preview Kickstarter page or our production blog.

    We are curious about your opinions so don’t hesitate to let us know.

    Daniela and Arkhareon Team
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    Smal Upgrade - New WIP and some Infographics of our Kickstarter.

    Kickstarter Prewiev Page:

    Just two days into the campaign !

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    Only smal WIP.

    Now it is clear, that we are not able to complete the whole vignette to our campaign launch, in a timely manner. But please, do not judge by today´s photos. The best and greatest progress we prepared for tlaunch of this campaign.But it is clear, we will have to complete some work after our campaign launch, because we will not procrastinate it in any way:-).

    More photos here:

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    Dear Fantasyans

    I come to you with a very, very, unpleasant news of that caused me to be still in shock.

    Unfortunately we have to cancel the current campaign on Kickstarter for reasons beyond our control.


    To access Kickstarter (Kickstarter isn’t still available in every country), we used the services of Bridgestarter, as we mentioned during our pre-campaign (link here). However, two days ago we received a message from Bridgestar with additional condition changes. It was evocated with the Kickstarter rules. Unfortunately, we haven’t understood the report correctly till this morning. After multiple exchanging emails with Bridgestar, we fully understand the implications of the message.

    According to original conditions we had - when Bridgestarter gather funding from Pledgers - receive arranged amount of money collected on Kickstarter so we could have used the money to produce Rewards and to start the project. Well, conditions have changed and now we got some money from Kickstarter only AFTER we have produced rewards and delivered it to all pledgers.

    You sure understand that this is not simply possible. We wanted to run our campaign on KS precisely because KS is here to help people to start their cool projects. That is the main sense of crowdfunding – other people support projects they think are useful.

    From morning We tried to find or invent an acceptable alternative, but we failed .

    I want to make it clear - I do not blame the Bridgestarter company. Change of conditions is official as can be seen on their site. However, for us, this condition is unacceptable. We need money from the Kickstarter campaign just to start the production and launch the project. New conditions may pay off for companies that take Kickstarter as a pre-sale platform and they have their own strong economic base. Well it is not our case because we want bring you something new.


    We will try to gain access to KS another way, but – unfortunately - it looks like we will have to run the project on Indiegogo. This is less popular platform. We'll need much more time for promotion, and we want to finish all the bonus pieces, too. We want to be as ready as we can be before we go on Indiegoo. And as the holidays begin, it would not be wise to start the campaign in these times.

    Therefore the Indiegogo campaign will start probably sometime in the mid-September. Let us strive to know all the possibilities we have. Very soon, no later than next Monday, we will bring you more specified information.

    We apologize for all the occured troubles. This delay is not really caused by us and we are still in shock ourselves. We put everything into this project. We still believe in it and honestly ask all of you who we have managed to attract with it to persevere and help us..

    If we caused anyone troubles, we apologize very hereby. We will do our best to work it up to a successful end, and we thank all of you who have supported us and who come here. Thank you.

    Please, stay with us.

    Daniela and Arkhareon Team


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    Hi all

    We need to come to life a bit, now. We will take a very short break till Monday to solve the present situation. On Monday at 20:00 CET we will bring you a new information. And some photos :-) because the project is still alive and there’s alot we need to share with you…

    Have a nice weekend.

    Daniela and Arkhareon team

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    Hi CMON

    We bring you a new info from our production blog:

    Good evening everybody (or the part of the day during which you sit down to read this report)

    Last week was ended with uncomfortable days. Uncomfortable for us, but certainly also for those of you who were expecting the launch of our campaign on Kickstarter, which hasn’t come at all. I do not go back to the reasons we have already explained exhaustively on Thursday. Let’s loose what it was, and let’s jump immediately into the future.

    I must say Kickstarter is really unavailable now for us. Definitively. Well, some options were discovered by us, but – unfortunately - the terms of such options are not acceptable.

    That’s why we decided to move our project to Indiegogo. We know some hard-core Kickstarter supporters may not like such step but we will do our best to convince them of it. Well, there is a lot of you will certainly like so do not miss the bus :-)

    To receive space for boosted campaign, better promotion and also to avoid time of summer holidays (this is not a very appropriate time for any crowdfunding campaign at all), we adjusted the most likely launch of the campaign of our Indiegogo campaign on September 14, 2015

    This give us two-and-a-half months not only to complete the project but even to improve it fundamentally. It also allow us to bring other important aspects with a high added value into our pre-campaign.

    So what are our plans for next two-and-a-half months and for the campaign itself?

    New Benefits of our Project

    1. Upgrade of our Vignette

    Mainly we decided to perk up our vignettes even far beyond the original design.

    2.Sculpting of Stretch Goals

    Before the campaign starts we will finish all five bonus freebie figures, including the three designed as Stretch goals. All eventual contributors will gain their opportunity to see and evaluate real models, which will be fought in the stretch goals. We also will try to sculpt some of the alternative / complementary parts for SG at least.These are stretch goals that were originally meant to be sculpted only after they would have been unlocked.

    3.New Freebie and Add-on

    We will bring two more 54mm figures. For those of you who are interested in the historical background of the Battle of Irrnon Sol-Terre I name in that the figures are not included in the vignette but both have a close connection with this glorious and tragic battle where noble Kworg forces (allied with Elves) were destroyed by their brothers, Dark Kworgs and dark legions of the parallel Bharngstarm empire (for more information on the historical background click here). One of these figures will be available from the beginning of the campaign as an add-on. The second one will enrich the range of freebies intended only for Vignette Bundle Reward (known as Perk now - we have to get use to the new terminology). This figure will be Indiegogo Exclusive Only and will be available immediately after basic objective of the campaign will be reached. Both figures are truly great and epic and will be available with great scenic base. We will bring you more info and silhouettes, concepts and WIP photos so there is a lot to look forward to.

    4. Competitions

    We have already considered to arrange a competition for some of our figures. Now we decided to brush off this idea. There will be two competitions prepared. They will (of course) relate to our project. First of them will be a three-round competition for only one winner who will receive all the figures successfully funded in our campaign – that means the basic vignette, freebies and all stretch goals, freebies and all unlocked add-ons (IMPORTANT: the prize will be available ONLY IF the campaign is successful!).

    The second contest will be a one round contest. There will be five winners. Each of them will receive one add-on figure (one of those two newly added). This figure will be casted as an short-run benchmark. These prizes will be sent regardless of the result of the campaign when the project is being completed and perks are sent to supporters (Contributors). In the event of failure of the campaign prizes will be sent at the time of campaign closure.

    We will bring you more information soon.

    We are preparing even some more, little surprises, for you, so stay with us and keep on watching of our pre-campaign.

    We will meet only sporadically in this week.

    Thursday, July 2 Faertenien photos
    Saturday, July 4 Beast rider photos

    We are going to prepare a plan for an extended pre-campaign, presentation materials and other necessaries. We will be back again in full force by the beginning of next week, Monday, July 6

    May the the Liaytes (creators of the Illada world) force be with you and we are looking forward to meetings filled with clash of arms, clamour of warriors and horrific roar of Bharngstarm beasts.

    Welcome to the resumption of the pre-campaign of the project Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat.


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    Hi CMON

    Today we are continuing our pre-campaign again. We have done some changes and we hope you will appreciate them in the second part of our extended pre-campaign.

    Firstly we would like to repeat the basic information.

    The launch of our campaign is determined on 14th September 2015 on the Indiegogo portal.

    Until our campaign launch we will meet together here and on some forums too to share some posts and projects photos.

    During the first month – it means from now until 5th August 2015 - we will bring you our updates every third day.

    The photos of Faerentien and the Beast Rider (atached filles) were for now the last ones, you could see. The next photos will show you the complete and finished vignette. We will introduce you this vignette on 6th August 2015. Until this time we will bring you WIP sculpting bonus freebie figurines and complementary/alternative freebie parts, but you can expect also another informations connected with the Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat and our campaign on the IGG. Our produscion blog
    Next photos here:

    On 6th August 2015 we will introduce you the complete basic vignette and we will publish the preview of our IGG campaign. We will appreciate all your ideas, suggestions and comments to our campaign. If it will be possible, we will try to accept them and use the interesting and doable ideas and suggestions. And we will try to implement them, if it will be possible.

    From 6th August 2015 until our campaign launch we will meet together with the updates on our blog every day. We will bring you lots of news every day. We will inform you about both of our competitions details and we will bring you the concepts of the promised new figures and their WIP and many other things too.

    So - keep going on!

    Stay tuned

    Daniela and Aerkhareon team
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    Hi CMON

    New WIP of the freebie stretch goal figure (Argerra Kworg Standard Bearer - Hornist) for Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat vignette
    (Indiegogo campaign - September 14)

    More Photos and article about the Kworgs of Argerra:

    Our production blog:
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    Hello CMON :-)

    It's time to first competition Teaser

    Easy task

    25 winners

    Great thing, just wait :-)

    Stay tuned and do not miss your great chance ...

    Have a nice day :-)

    Daniela and Arkhareon Team
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    Hi CMON :-)

    Nex WIP.

    More photos from more angles :


    Have a nice day

    Daniela and team
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    Hi CMoN

    We bring you another WIPs today. It is a Bharnstaram Stormtrooper this time. You will see the finished figure when we reveal the whole vignette.

    We will show you another advance in our Kworg infantryman (WIPs here) in next WIP post.

    Well, we really work like fury. We are finishing all our figures. What has looked like a small vignette is growing into highly sophisticated epic diorama :-).

    Beside it we are working on the vignette that is going to be the prize for our contest (the second of five contest teasers coming soon).

    On 14 August there will begin an intensive pre-campaign. During it we will be on our blog every day. The original date has been moved to keep pace and intensity for tougher pre-campaign before the very start of the campaign on Indiegogo itself (September 14, 2015). Scheme of pre-campaign will be brought you soon. For now we just can say we will uncover finished (!) vignette and some bonus figures – except the secret one!

    Stay tuned

    Daniela and Arkhareon Team

    More Photos here :

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    Hi CMoN

    Today we bring you a list of posts for our drive up pre-campaign beginning on 14 August. As you can see, it is really going to be souped up. In addition to it there will be even more posts. Above all we will continue the series of articles about the Battle of Irrnon Sol-Terrat and it will be getting increase during the pre-campaign. We will also finish the series about the causes of War for the black rose and lots more. It is possible some posts will be swapped during the campaign - if so, we are sorry for it and pardon us. We are very busy. Please be tolerant, there is still a great deal of work ahead...

    Get ready, it's coming ...

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    Hi CMoN

    Today we reveal second of five teasers of the Competition>

    "In the Storm ofFratricidal War"

    When do we show you thisvignette? When the contest will be announced? And when the contest will takeplace? You will learn it in our blog content of drive up pre-campaign.
    Just stay tuned and get more adventures with us - at the end of it twenty-fivelucky winners from among you will win the epic 54mm vignette.

    Cheers Daniela>
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    Hi CMoN Adventurers

    We bring you WIP of fourth bonus figure - the Bharngstarm heavy warrior.

    Next wip photos here:


    This is the last WIP before the start of our drive up pre-campaign. It will begin on August 14th by the exposal of whole vignette. We are very curious about your reactions. Last month before the campaign starts on Indiegogo we will turn not only new figures but also enchasing details and upgrade of the vignette - BTW - promised at the end of June.

    Like the previous figure this one is also the freebie bonus figure - for those who choose the vignette bundle perk. The figure is also Indioegogo exclusive only. To refresh your memory we attach a list of figures of the vignette including concepts and its description here:

    Stay with us. On Wednesday we will bring you another part of the story of the battle on our blog. We are already looking forward to meeting you at the opening of the pre-campaign and exposing of the Battle of Irrnon Sol-Terrat vignette then.

    Have a nice day

    Daniela and Arkhareon team
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    Hi CMoN

    Welcome at the start of our drive up pre-campaign. Because we wrote a lot and because a picture goes for a thousand words, we present you now Battle of Irrnion-Sol Terrat vignette WIP with all freebies figures (except the only secret one for now :-)).

    Name:  Batle-of-Irrnon-Sol-Terrat-WIP-Plate-S.jpg
Views: 185
Size:  357.7 KB

    Keep in mind that this is still just a WIP. It is necessary to finish many parts and details.

    And the tuning of it comes now.

    Details of Kworg’s armor decorations, their weapons, bharngstarm armor texture and other details will be added over the next three weeks and one week (approx) before start of the IGG campaign the vignette - actually already diorama – will be introduced in its full state. It will be in a new full array, higher resolution photos and, of course, including its 360° videos.
    I still have not mentioned the base that will be created in two versions - simpler one for the basic edition and much more complex and epic version of the base for collectible and limited edition.

    You remember, simultaneously we are preparing other figures for our competition and . The first WIP you will see soon.

    Because there is still huge piece of work ahead, I repeat (!) - it may happen that some posts during the pre-campaign will be swapped. We ask for your understanding and tolerance. We thank you in advance for it.

    So go ahead heroes of Illada - The adventure continues !!!

    Daniela and Arkhareon team

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    Hello CMoN

    See the benefits of our campaign on Indiegogo

    OK, let's go downright to it!

    New miniartures

    1) Astarnain - the Great Ortiniastor - New figure

    A freebie for those who choose - Vignette Bundle Perk (+ Faertenien beast Rider Vignette)
    - Collector’s Edition Vignette Perk
    - Limited Edition Vignette Perk

    or as a separate add-on). This figure will be available from the beginning of the campaign.

    2) Fateful Combat - A new vignette containing two figures

    As a part of the - Collector’s Edition Vignette Perk
    - Limited Edition Vignette Perk
    or as a separate add-on). This vignette will be available from the beginning of the campaign.

    3) Elrainia Strikes - A new vignette containing two figures (Elrainia + Beast Rider)
    As a part of the - Limited Edition Vignette Perk
    or as a separate add-on). This vignette will be available from the beginning of the campaign.

    4) In The Storm of the Fratricidal Wars - A new vignette containing three figures
    Available as a standalone add-on. This vignette will be available from the beginning of the campaign.

    There will be brand new stretch goals alternative / complementary parts added to every new figure and/or vignette.

    New Perks (Rewards)

    $ 1 Perk - option to order a separate add-on

    $? Perk - Collector's Edition - Includes the same as the vignette Bundle Perk. It is
    additionally extended with vignette Fateful Combat and other bonuses. The price will be specified in the coming article for this perk. You also will find a list of all the bonuses for this Limited Edition there.

    $? Perk- Limited Edition - Includes the same as Collector's Edition plus vignette Elrainia Strikes and other bonuses. Contributor who select this limited edition can also choose one of the Stretch Goal Secret add-on vignette for free. NOTE: The chosen Stretch Goal must be already unlocked The price will be specified in the coming for this perk. You also will find a list of all the bonuses for this Limited Edition there.

    Kickstarter-supporter friendly

    We will bring a separate article for this topic.

    Competitions throughout Pre-campaign

    We are preparing two competitions for you.

    In the first competition entitled ‚In the Storm of the Fratricidal War‘ will 25 lucky winners win vignette of the same name. Prizes will be dispatched regardless of the result of the IGG campaign.

    There will be only one winner in the second contest called “Battle of Irrnon Sol Terrat (how original -D). She or he will win all the figures and accessories funded in the IGG campaign In case the funding goal is achieved the winner gets the limited vignette edition and then also all others unlocked stretch goals. This prize will be sent only if our Indiegogo campaign is sucessful.

    These are the new benefits of our new crowdfunding campaign. It definitely worth your attention.

    Stay tuned because we will bring you first silhouette of the first

    new figure tomorrow.

    And finally ... a little something at the end of today's post

    The fourth of the five!

    Name:  Teaser-4.jpg
Views: 238
Size:  296.7 KB

    Stay Tuned

    Daniela and Arkhareon team

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    Hi CMoN Mages

    Only a small tasting of new figure for our IGG campaign today

    Concept and WIP coming soon

    Astarnain – the Great Ortiniastor
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    Hi Cmon's

    Last teaser before the unveiling of the vignette
    "In the Storm of Fratricidal War"
    Remember to our competition

    Simple creative task
    No registration
    25 winners selected by the jury
    The prize for each winner - 54mm Vignette

    Publication of the rules - Friday, August 21, 2015 11:30 PM CEST

    Unveiling of the vignette - Sunday, August 23 2015 11:30 PM CEST

    Start of the competition - Monday, August 31, 2015 08:30 PM CEST

    Name:  Teaser-5.jpg
Views: 159
Size:  317.1 KB

    Would you like to have this vignette? Stay with us :-)

    Stay with us

    Daniela and A-team
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    Hello CMoN Warlords

    KS vs. IGG

    Do you prefer Kickstarter and do you have any reservations Indiegogo? So, this post ist just for you. We have prepared some steps to mitigate the differences between these two platforms to bring to the Kickstarter fans the maximum comfort and security when participating in our campaign at IGG.

    I must warn you frankly - do not expect miracles. We cannot change IGG for KS by waving magical wand (well, we don’t have any). Despite this we tried to bring our IGG campaign for those who prefer KS. Even for those who are against Indiegogo and refuse to use it. We hope we will convince you you can follow us on Indiegogo at least once though you don’t want to use it normally. If you are – OTOH - one of those who don’t mind using Indiegogo or/and you are already its customer keep reading, too. Maybe you can find interesting information here it will make your part of our campaign more easy.

    The most important difference between Kickstarter and Indiegogoo is that while KS captivate pledgers’ money AFTER the campaign is successful, the IGG "contributors" pay their money at once. We can do, unfurtunately, nothing with that. We are not able to change the nature of this platform. Well, we will anticipate at some other aspects in what these two crowdfunding platforms vary and what can do the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform less popular with some supporters.


    Funding goal must be withdrawn on KS otherwise the campaign is unsuccessful. IGG offers flexible financing option - the project will receive the money even if it does not reach the funding goal. It comes too risky for many supporters because they are afraid the project would not be completed due to lack of funding.


    Very simple. IGG has already offer alternative called Fixed Funding. It is identical with the essence of Kickstarter. If any campaign does not collect a target amount, all the money is returned to contributors. Project is successful only after reaching the funding goal. Well, of course we choose this type of financing. That means every contributor (Pledger) will be sure that our financial target is met. If not, she/he will get back with all her/his inserted resources.


    Already chosen Reward can be changed anytime on Kickstarter. For example: You choose $20 reward but then you change your mind and you just pick out different $80 reward. It is impossible on the IGG - after you pay it is impossible to change it. You just can buy another new Perk (reward).


    It’s again simple. On the IGG it is possible - contrary to Kickstarter – to choose and purchase any number of perks in a single campaign. We have added a so-called $1 Perk (Reward) to our campaign. If any supporter just will want only any add-on without any perk (reward), she/he just choose this Add-on Perk and place a dollar pay - per selected add-on (there is no limit for payments for perks), so you can contribute any amount above a certain threshold - in this case $1. So if your chosen add-on costs $ 40, you select this $1 add-on Perk and in box of the amount you enter $40. In the note you then type the name of the add-on, which you are interested in.

    It will be possible to upgrade Perks (rewards) in the same way. For example: you select Perk Leader (Kworg rider alone) but you change your mind later on for the Perk Vignette Bundle (full vignette with two riders and two bonus figures). You just choose the Add-on perk and pay extra difference in price. That’s all.

    Details of both options and detailed examples how to apply these procedures will be published in the article "How to Contribute on Indiegogo"


    It is possible to reduce or even call off the promise on Kicksarter. Indiegogo doesn’t support anything like this ..


    This is a great issue and we admit that we have not found a satisfactory solution. Partial solutions we can offer you, if you ask us to cancel the promise of a refund, we'll do it. We must point out that it is very complicated and challenging and we ask you to take this step only in very serious and necessary situations. Refunds will not be reflected on IGG campaign (the IGG system does not allow it), and therefore we can have serious worries with the financing itself. Therefore we appeal to your responsibility. Think twice to be sure you want to support our campaign and contribute to our project only (!) when you are really sure you want to support us.

    An addition to the IGG payments:

    Fixed campaign takes the form of payments through PayPal. Remember you do not need to own a PayPal account to participate in our campaign. You can pay as a guest and use your credit card. More information in the article How To Contribute on Indiegogo (September 4).

    These were the three most important issues we have seen in various internet forums when discussing the differences between these platforms (IGG vs KS). If you think you see another not mentioned issue, please feel free to let us know in the comments or on our e-mail. We will try to find a solution to them.

    There is no doubt we believe you will support us on the IGG. Remember there are many ‘Indiegogo only’ freebies in our campaign. They won’t available later. These Exclusive freebies won’t be available in retail and you can get them only in our campaign starting on September 14th. We hope you take part in.

    And even second tasting of the new figures for our campaign today...

    Name:  Elrainia-Strikes-silhouette.jpg
Views: 134
Size:  213.0 KB

    Histroical Background here:


    Stay with us

    Daniela and A-team
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    Hi CMoN

    I am very sorry, but I have bad news.

    Borek - our sculptor and author of vignette "In the storm of Frartricidal War" - is in the hospital just now - he is sufferring of kidneys stones and colics- nothing extremely serious, but very painful. Probably, he should stay in the hospital for two-three days. So, the vignette and other sculpting activities have to wait for a while. As I found out now, these problems are also the reason, why Borek was late with the vignette. He wanted to finish this vignette all costs, but he was not able to do it.

    We hope, he will be soon back and we shall overcome all these problems. We would like to continue according to our original plan (today, we bring you the latest silhouette of newly added vignette), the most of our activities are prepared - so, we hope, we could be able to show you our vignette on Wednesday or during Thursday at the latest. We can not anticipate for thi​​s time. We would like to ask you for your patience and understanding.

    Thank you very much and please, stay with us.

    Show must go ON !

    Daniela and A-Team
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