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Thread: Missing Most of Order -- Anyone Else?

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    Angry Missing Most of Order -- Anyone Else?

    With no responses forthcoming elsewhere, I'm giving this venue a shot.
    I'm growing increasingly concerned about the lack of response regarding the $150 or so of missing merchandise I ordered from the Kickstarter. I've been reading just terrible things about CMON customer service, and I find myself getting more and more frustrated by the utter lack of response to my emails. Especially given that I've spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on all the Zombicide seasons, and other some of the other games, and am a backer of Black Plague right now. It makes me feel like a damn fool. This isn't the way to treat an up-till-now loyal customer and enthusiastic supporter.

    My missing order:
    Angry Neighbors Supplement
    Ultimate Survivors #1 $25.00 1 $25.00
    Moustache Pack #2 $25.00 1 $25.00
    Patrick $10.00 1 $10.00
    Oksana $10.00 1 $10.00
    Benny $10.00 1 $10.00
    Nikki $10.00 1 $10.00
    Curro $10.00 1 $10.00
    Kris $10.00 1 $10.00
    Miss Trish $10.00 1 $10.00

    Please respond ASAP.

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    I'm missing even more than that. I not exactly happy either, and quite impatient at this point, but:

    CMoN customer service has ALWAYS delivered in the past. They are overworked and understaffed, but they ALWAYS work the stuff out. So I try to remain patient. I know they have a lot of mess to sort out right now, Z3 has turned into a logistical nightmare.

    Though I really wish they'd hire one or two more people for customer support... If nothing else, at least part time to catch up.

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    Yeah. In my case, the shipper says the package was left at the door even though i have a poster asking not to leave packages there as i had some stolen in the past. i called the shipper and they said to call the sender as they say that is the agreement they had with them. trying to reach CMON with no answer. i understand that this campaign was a mess due to uncontrolled events. but, a nice "we got your message, you are on our list, we'll get back to you once we are on your issue. thus should take a month. sorry for this abnormal delay." would be appreciated. at least my expectations are sry and i know i am not forgotten...:/

    Losing close to $400 bucks like that is no fun. having no response or accountability from anyone is aggravating at best... :/

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    I feel you, DevKat. That sounds extremely frustrating.
    Update for me is that after enough bugging, they responded and actually did ship out all my optional buys. I got them last weekend. The whole order seemed light though still, so I went back through to figure out why that is.
    Epiphany: it is because I've not received a single stretch goal or the V.I.P. #1 Box of Zombies + Audrey from my backer level.
    This has been and continues to be a completely infuriating process.

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    Last week, the shipper called me asking if the package was left around the house and I said no, I had nothing. Then she thanked me and hung up. :/

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    Seriously, this must be the responsiblity of the shipper. Question is if it is up to you or CMoN to hold the shipper responsible.

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    you guys are lucky you got even that! still haven't had mine delivered yet, have been in touch with cmon to get tracking number and was advised that my pledge didn't even go through. as a result they are now asking me for over an extra $100 on a $500 order for shipping because it needs to leave from a different hub. I have pledged for all previous zombicides and paid with no worries and with all the shipping hassles from this one they are trying to pin this on me? pissed doesn't even begin to cover it...

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    On the plus side bought a Rue Morgue box off of E-bay.
    When I opend it one of the characters was a zombivor sculpt instead of the survivor. Contacted Customer service,and it took a few days but they got back with me for shipping info...A few weeks later they said it was shipped and I received it a few days after that.

    They are trying, I suspect the backlog is overwhelming though and KS issues go through a different group of people.
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    Well, latest random update is that I got a small box with the special brown dice in it. That's it. Super super weird. Not a peep in response to missing stretch goals, V.I.P box, or Audrey. I'm going to email them again today. It's absolutely ridiculous that all the stuff should go on sale to the general public before backers get their pledge levels.
    And, Oistene, you're right the shipper is certainly a large shareholder in the responsibility here, but I believe (especially since it is such a wide-scale issue) that CMON takes care of its [loyal] customers first, then deals with the shipper.

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    Hey guys,

    Really sorry to hear about all the headaches. Please make sure you're creating tickets and sending updates to support@cmon.com

    Support is the best point of contact for these issues. We will work with the shipper to try to figure out what's happened, but before any of that we'd like to make sure you get your stuff. If for any reason support isn't resolving the issue in a satisfactory manner please email Shaughn@cmon.com and give him a brief summary of the issue.

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