Still waiting for some miniatures
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    Angry Still waiting for some miniatures

    I'm writing from Italy and i'm sorry to post this but i'm really angry.

    The first email was made to the service the 06 of March, 2015. At today, few email and still no answer about two missing box in my order.

    This is not correct. I spent more than 650$.

    May i receive some SERIOUS answer?

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    It will come. My replacement came in the mail yesterday.... though I did not wait THAT long. Try another email to customer support.

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    I've sent a lot of email to the support and i don't know who were the previous people who answered me but i'm still waiting for the last answer.

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    Well, the CMON Support person I've always been communicating with for my missing parts is Brandy Root. She's ALWAYS replied to my emails no matter how small the issue or how many times I've asked when the minis would ship. So... slow shipping, but good communications is my rating for CMON

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    Finally question solved. Thanks to all of you for the support! This thread can be deleted.

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