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    My name is Johan and I am 37 years old.
    I live in the Netherlands and have been a miniature fan for over 18 years.

    About 3 months ago I started a few sculpting projects (for the first time)

    I hope by sharing these with you; some could give tips/advice on how to proceed.

    Project 1
    Alright what to make.... most forum post i read suggest to start small; do a small conversion on a already existing model (hand or rope).
    So...I decided not to do that and go for a full man model about 35mm; want to learn fast and a lot so beter dig in was my idea :-)
    Started with a wire frame some milliput and about half way in the project i decided to do some wings on the model and make it a bad ass deamon or something of the likes.

    When i showed the final result to my 10 year old doughter her reaction was: ooohhh nice daddy you made a angel....well time to look at some sculpting forum posts and youtube film and get going on project 2.

    Pics project 1:

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    Default project 2

    Looking at the first project I really wanted to make a beter body with beter devined muscles.

    After reading some articles on human anatomy/proportions of the human body; i decided to again have a go at a man model this time 50mm.(also read an article to start out big and later go smaller what sounds logical to me)

    Also tried to get more tools to work with.

    Although I think the end result is beter then my first project so far the voting results only show a 0.1 point improvement :-(

    I will post the pics of the 3 project in a week or so and any tips or help would be appreciated :-)

    Project 2:

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    i think the second model is a marked improvement. the Finnish looks a lot smother. for first goes these are good. my first attempts at sculpting were just badly formed blobs and I've not tried again since.

    I'm no sculptor as said but looking at these I think you are adding too much mass before then adding the muscles, his body is very triangular with the muscles stuck on. i think you need to go a little smaller with the initial mass then get the muscles on using them to define the rest of the shape. or better still use the muscles as the mass.

    easier said then done I guess though, but keep at it as your going in a good direction I would say.

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    Hello! I think you need practice, but this modells not bad for first. Try first make a modell step by step. First the skeleton, and the muscles. Use this pics to take the real scale. The most important is the face. Try make a big face first, like a puppet face. This will teach you for the scales.
    The tools: the silicone brushes make the work easier.
    The material: I like this miliput, but try miliput/green stuff 50/50, more better to work i think.
    Keep working, see many tutorials here and other places. Allan C videos teach me many things.
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    thnx for the responses!!

    @Coyotebreaks: One of the first things I noticed (once the model was finished) is that it had a to triangular look to it; hope 3e try is beter (see pics below)

    @ Rothskin: just bought a silicone brush and as a question why does a mix. work better?
    Also thnx for the tips and looking at your galery you made some nice models!

    So here are the pics for project 3; man model about 50mm.

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    Anyone have any experience in working with the miliput/greenstuf mix?

    And procraft putty; has anyone have any experience with that????

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    Hello again! First, this modell looks more better, you learn fast! . The face is your problem now, see some videos. The eyeball is missing that is the problem.

    I use this miliput/green becouse:
    the greenstuff is too hard to me
    the miliput with water is too soft, the mix is the best.
    i use water to stroke the area.
    You can use fimo too, you had time for the mini if use it, but i dont like, too hard to work. I use fimo only at big modells or i do the muscles from fimo, and the coat from miliput/grey

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    Quote Originally Posted by locutus View Post

    Started with a wire frame some milliput and about half way in the project i decided to do some wings on the model and make it a bad ass deamon or something of the likes.
    Somehow he didn't turn out so scary!

    You are making great progress from one project to the next, very impressive. Make sure to take the time to perfect your proportions with the armature, that will keep you on track as you sculpt. Also very important to work in thin layers so you don't add too much bulk, and have a solid core to press against as you add detail. I've never used the green stuff miliput mix, only green stuff or sculpey, but I imagine it's similar as far as working in layers. Good luck!

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    just got back from vacation and couldn't wait to share the latest project.

    To practise the face as Rothskin suggested my latest work is a head.

    As always tips are welcome.

    Ps: I'm in the market for some good sculting tools can anyone give advise??

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    i'm in the market for some good sculpting tools; anyone have a good suggestion?

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    Time to make my WIP page a real work in progress page.

    So far i have posted projects that were already finished; time for one i'm currently working on.

    Working in smaller proportions seems more difficult then doing the same project in a larger scale; as my last projects were about 50-60 mm I wanted to see what would happen if i scale down.

    This will be a 35 mm (hopefully :-) project and any tips or comments would be appreciated!!

    The model will be a male wizard with a staff and cloack.

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    You make more better mini. The mini eyes is the problem, looks like glasses, polish it. The skull shape and scales make it realistic, the forehead is too small. But more better now.

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    The last head looks much better. You're getting there, just keep at it. For tools you can try this:
    I have the SA and the SG. The SG is my go-to tool for most everything. SA is useful for smoothing larger areas.

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    thnx guys!!! You are of tremendous help to me!!

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    It's been a while since my last update; graveyard shifts slowed things down :-(

    But at last the second pic of my progress:


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    The finished model is now up for voting on cmon; work on the next is already on the way and hope to post some pics later. All help comments tips are welcome. Ofcourse if u have any questions feel free to ask :-)

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    Nice little character
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Good work! Take some pics closer.

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    You're really progressing well. I think getting it to look realistic is the hardest bit - but these have a lot of charm and a distinct comic style.

    I've only green stuffed for bases so far, but this is making me want to have a go at some sculpting!

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    Thanks for all the positive reactions; @:bgcdazzler: i find sculpting very satisfying perhaps u to :-)

    I changed the material I'm working with and am now using sculpy; here is the wip from my latest 35mm female model.

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