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    Hi, I have been following your progress and I am really impressed.

    I haven't tried to sculpt before, its something I have been meaning to try, so I have a couple of questions.

    1# do you draw the figure first on paper and work from that? I read somewhere that you should draw your plans first, problem for me is I am awful at drawing.
    2# you have now used green stuff and sculpy is there much difference between them, from what you have learnt what is best to make your first figure from, I have some milliput and fimo atm, should I learn with green stuff?

    My last question what kind of wire do you use to make the inside of the mini?

    Hope you don't mind me asking these questions, but you have inspired me to try my hand at this!

    keep up the good work!

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    for question 1: yeah I hear that a lot; people first makng a drawing; but like u i'm no good at it.
    Think that a detail drawing would help in the process of deciding what goes on the model (clothes rings etc) and proportoning.
    Having a good idea in your head of what u want the model to look like, instead of a drawing could help.

    2: there is a lot of diffrence between putty and sculpey; both have advantages over the other; putty more easy to manipulate (in my opinion) and after it's curred it's easy to sand or drill. My preferance is now sculpey and for one reason; u can endlessly manipulate everyting about the model until you are satisfied and then bake it; with sculpey u have a greater worktime to manipulate (putty is uasually cured in 2-3 hours)
    The learning curve is the same for putty and sculpy etc; so as u already have puty I would start with that.

    And for the last question yes i'm using thin metal wire to build the framework for the mini; it helpes manipualting the arm and legs for a more dynamic pose.

    Don't mind answering questions if i can; so feel free :-)

    Good luck and have fun!

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    i have a question and i was hoping somebody could help.

    If I make a model complete with arm legs etc. and i would want to cast the model in different parts (body , legs , arms etc) could this be done and how?

    I'm thinking take a knife and cut the parts of and make a connecting pin between the two???

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi, and welcome back. Since you were last here I started trying out sculpting - and it is a lot of fun! I haven't cast individual bits yet, just one big lump of a bust (you can see the various steps I went through in my WIP), but I assume you cut the bits off, resculpt where the joins are to make sure when they stick together they still have a seamless fit, and then plan what your sprue will look like so you can cast all the bits in one mold.

    Your models are quite small so I don't know if you need to pin the bits; maybe gluing them will be enough.

    anyway, good luck!

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    I wanted to share my latest works.

    project 1

    project 2

    project 3

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    So I wanted to post a picture of the things I'm working on; but my old photocamara took a picture that came out like this.
    So after years of faithfull service it's time to retire him :-)
    I know the pic is poor quality but perhaps it gives you an idea of the 3 bustes i'm working on now.

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    If you want to cast your miniatures part by part you should separate them, I would not use a knife but a saw.

    You may have more realistic results if you use a complete armature as you have been sugested.

    As well pictures of models as reference are completely mandatory. For example your six pac is a little bit weird, It is called 6 pack because 6 is the minimum amount.

    Name:  How-to-get-a-six-pack.jpg
Views: 286
Size:  17.8 KB

    As well your faces you look better if you sculp them in more steps, just take your time. You are sculpting, there is no hurry.

    Name:  skull_3view.jpg
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Size:  125.4 KB
    My WIP here in CMON

    As well I colaborate with a spanish blog called Profanus

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    so I've ben working on the 3th bust; tried to make the anatomy more correct; ps thnx for the tips and pics harec.

    What do you think?

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    You are certainly improving .

    But I am not sure if your intention is to make the faces like that or you want to make normal human faces.

    If the case is the second I think you should take more steps in between when sculpting.

    Unfortunately I cannot find a good tutorial con face sculpting in english.

    But this one, from the old Spanish team forum is probably the best in the web, even if it is in spanish just following the photos you can guess.

    From the epic sculptor freeman(It is really sad that spanish team forum no longer exist, for such a stupid reason, It was by far the best miniature forum):
    My WIP here in CMON

    As well I colaborate with a spanish blog called Profanus

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    I see it's been a while since I posted something; wanted to share my latest work in progress.

    Hope you like and as always comments and tips are most welcome.

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    theres some good progress with that one, nice job

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    Thanks Coyotebreaks alway good to hear that there is improvement :-)

    My latest update: been working on the face for the 50 mm project and started a new project at 35 mm; for the new 35 mm project I wanted to do something with more detail; was thinking about making him more deamon like or something... any idea's were to go with this one is appreciated.

    Hope you like and tips and comments are welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harec View Post
    Unfortunately I cannot find a good tutorial con face sculpting in english.
    Altough different from most (carves away stuff instead of adding new layers), but I liked this one:

    also some more (most not in english):
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    @ MaXXxxx: thanks for the help Always appreciated!!

    wanted to share my latest work

    the allmost finished mini I shared earlier

    This is my latest mini; I 'm trying to go for a steampunk look; still to do hat gun hands and some small detail

    Hope you like and comments and tips are all welcome

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