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    Default terrain inspiration - ?

    Anyone have any good suggestions or ideas for terrain themed around the 5 factions?

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    Yeah... I've been thinking about this quite a bit.

    I'm mostly done with my Goritsi terrain. I got some low walls and ruined cathedral, and I am half done with a graveyard. Finally, I'll make a hill with a dead tree.

    I'm planning to order some Japanese buildings for this. Maybe make a hill with one of those portal-like things on. Also, some kind of practise field, with archery targets, practise dunnies etc.

    Shael Han:
    Here I plan to use Chinese style buildings. I also want a garden, and possibly a hill that isn't a hill, but a temple/statue/somesuch.

    Here I've been drawing blanks... I know I want some kind of workshop. Maybe some crates and barrels, like a loading area. Maybe a windmill or similar structure.

    I have a bunch of buildings for Carnevale, I plan on using a couple of these. A river or canal will be mandatory. Maybe a dock. A coral hill.

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    I'm planning some Nasier terrain that's closer to the pyramid-like buildings in their art/ promo picks. Maybe make some that are more like altars with angular edges. Think there's a fair bit of fun to be had with that aesthetic.

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    For my Nasier table (home field advantage), I will be using the Asian themed buildings from Renaissance Miniatures (they did a Kickstarter).

    For my Goritsi, I have lot of Gothic style Hirst Arts buildings already to go, both ruined and clean.

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    I picked up some oriental-themed buildings from Plasticraft Games, for the Kensei range, for my Nasier and Shael-Han.

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