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    Default RogueShader's WIP and Project Log

    Hey guys and gals! My name is Jeff and I've been playing Warhammer and 40K for what seems to be forever. I'm a former GW store employee but put the hobby down when I left GW to head to college and throughout my early professional career didn't have a lot of time for hobby or gaming. Over the past few years I've relapsed in quite the worst way and am now into the hobby more than I ever was before! To boot I've expanded my tastes to include other systems and types of minis as well.

    I've always been more of a hobbyist than a gamer and I've recently gotten sick of seeing amazing work at competitions like GD and Crystal Brush and just wishing I could paint to that level. I've decided to get serious about developing my skills and really trying to "level up" from the tabletop level I was painting at before. I've done a lot of painting with the airbrush and feel that I've been able to pull off some decent stuff using it, including this guy from my pre-heresy Emperor's Children army...

    That said, no matter how precise I get with the airbrush I still feel that I don't have as much control as I'd like and it's really caused me to try to advance my skill with a traditional brush as well. So I've pumped the brakes on the army building as I prefer to paint anyway and wasn't having as much fun rushing just to "get stuff done" for Adepticon, or the Nova, or whatever event was next. I'm still adding to my armies but this time much more slowly as I take the time to develop technique rather than just blast through models.

    So with all that I'm starting this WIP thread so I can discuss my projects, and most importantly (to me) get critique from some of the amazing artists here on CMON. I've lurked on this site forever and the work that this community puts out is nothing short of amazing. In addition reading what folks have shared about their own methods and techniques has been of huge help to me, I can't thank you all enough for sharing your work and talents with folks like me!!! I'm here to learn, so please don't hesitate to provide constructive criticism, I'm really interested in growing as an artist and progressing along my own painting journey.

    So let's get started with the WIP! Going to kick things off in the next post with some Terminators that I'm going to be adding to my Red Scorpions army.

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    Ok... here we go. Project one....

    Red Scorpions Terminators

    With these guys I wanted to really push the needle forward with my brush technique. I've been really inspired by the work of painters like Camelson of late. The crisp work and vivid colors really speak to me and while it may not be the most realistic, the way these painters manage to pull off making things look damaged, aged, or weathered, without making the model look "dirty" or muddled really speaks to me. That kind of vibrancy is something I wanted to go for with these terminators. Of course I had to start myself off behind the eight ball by choosing my RS as the chapter since I'd be working mostly with dark grey with a few pops of yellow and white :/

    Another goal on this project for me was to put my airbrushes down and not use them at all save for priming, varnishing, and maybe some base coats. Working out of my comfort zone, but here goes...

    Basecoats are boring so I ended up doing them with the airbrush. Left the heads and right shoulder pads off the models to make it a bit easier on myself and prime them white (with the rest of the body and storm shields primed black). Also note that I've got some heinous mould lines going on on those power lines. Bleh, my modeling skills suck and I'm not sure how these guys are going to turn out so I'm just going to say "eff it" and move on this time around. When I'm ready to do a show piece it'll get more prep attention....

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    I'm going to work on one of these guys to get everything down pat and then move through the other four. I've always thought the backs of Terminators were more interesting than the fronts so I choose to start there, working on his left leg panel by panel. Since this is my "test" model, I'm pretty much finishing off each panel (with the exception of some weathering which I'll apply when done) to get an idea of how it's going to look when the panel is all done.

    The base coat I'm using is about a 50/50 mix of VMC London Grey and VMC Dark Grey. I love London Grey as the base for these guys' armor, but it needs to be a little darker so I mixed in the darker grey. On these panels I've just pushed in some shadows with the Dark Grey adding a little black in the most extreme shadows. Highlights use the London Grey and then rely on VMC Light Grey for the extreme edge highlights / chipping.

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    Moving up the back I start to rough in the shades and highlights on the top part of the armor. I think these big panels are some of the coolest in the 40K range... they're such a great canvas for neat stuff that I'm not quite capable of yet. In the mean time I'm just struggling to get some smooth gradients on there :P

    After this shot was taken I went in and smoothed out the blends on that upper panel a bit more and then added the chipping in. You can see in the background one of the models I was testing the colors on.... shhhhh don't pay any attention to the fact that he's Death Company.

    Getting to a point where I'm happy with that I go in and work the metalics a bit on the "vents" on the back. I'm just using a pretty simple Ledbelcher with Nuln Oil and then working some VGC Charred Brown into the shadows and highlighting with some VAC Steel. Also the little round things on in the mid section.... I have no idea what these are but I've seen some folks paint them as lights of some kind so I give them the lens treatment. I'm actually happy with that as the back starts to look very monochrome with all the grey so its' nice to have a pop of red in there...

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    Moving on you'd think I'd just finish his other leg and be done with the back. Unfortunately that's just not the way my brain works. Have to keep my self interested by jumping all around the model. So I move onto the shoulder pad. Starting to get a little bit more of a hang how these colors work together so the blending goes pretty fast on the grey armor of the shoulder pad. I rough in the highlights on the Crux Terminatus. If I remember correctly I'm using VGC Leather Brown, VGC Khaki, VGC Bonewhite, and VMC Ivory here. It seems to me that the smaller the details the less fiddly I need to be with the blending in order to achieve the same level of (perceived) smoothness.

    After that shot (and maybe after this next one too... I ended up bumping the contrast up just a bit by adding a little bit of black to the darkest brown and outlining the details again. At this point I didn't think it "jumped out" enough. Also went in and beat up the whole shoulder pad including the crux. Also started to work some of the metallic colors on the piping. Same thing as the vents, but this time I'm all about hiding mould lines as much as I can with those Charred Brown shadows :P

    That's it for the first steps I've captured pics of. Hoping to get some more time to work on this guy a little later this week so I hope to post some more soon.. I'm dreading working on the yellow shoulder pads a little bit. Drawing some inspiration (and color pallate) from Volomir's excellent tutorial of the Imp Fists standard bearer. With the same damage treatment (and eventual weathering) I'm hoping that it fits in well with the scheme I've chosen and doesn't stick out too much like a sore thumb. Would love to hear what you guys think of where he's at so far!

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    Really nice work Rogue I'm keeping an eye on this one

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    welcome to the forums! i just love that contemptor which i already said in the comment
    nice start on the termie also
    ...keep talking
    Forever remains


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    Truly stellar work, so crisp and clear.

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    Thank you all kindly! I've got a bit of project ADD too so my goal is to get at least *one* of the Termies from this squad fully done before I work too much on something else. Have some Deathwing waiting in the wings, and a Tech Priest Dominus that I want to get cracking on too (such an awesome model).

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    This is looking great. Are you primarily using lots of thin glazes to get your nice transitions on the armor? Seems like your airbrush skills mixed with your regular brushwork will be doing some really exciting stuff!
    My current WIP thread. Always looking for critique. Also vote on my Gallery if you're bored

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    Thanks Scherdy! So I'd rank my workflow very much as "learner" when it comes to getting smooth blends so take everything I say with a massive grain of salt

    I find that glazing up to lighter colors is much more difficult for me than glazing down shadows. I still get there, but find the result is usually blotchy at the top of the highlight. If I'm shading its just lots of thin glazes built up pretty much like everyone describes. If I'm putting in a highlight or going to a lighter color I tend to delineate the area I want the highlight with paint that is a bit more opaque using more of "push stroke" if you're familiar with that so that it blends it a little bit in the first place. Then I'll use glazes to smooth in the blend.

    I'm not sure how much this is in line with what others do, but it's what I've had the most success with so far. I've really been trying to keep my base color choices much closer to the lightest colors I plan rather than that darkest if that makes sense as I'm much more comfortable going down than up at the moment :P That's also helped me achieve the bright vibrancy I'm looking for on some of the brighter colors... Yellow will be a real test. Maybe I'll work up the guts to make a little shoulder pad headway tonight. Just need to get the decals on them first so that they're "under" all the other work I plan to do on them.

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    thats looking really good, very nice smooth painting and the battle dame is nice touch to, nice work

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    Nice work. Love the first pic in the thread. You definitely have some nice skills with an airbrush.
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    Thanks much MrJim! Thanks all for the support, I'm always a little skiddish about showing what I'm working on especially in the company of some of the folks on this thread

    Got a little bit more time with that first Termie tonight... Slowly but surely trying to conquer my all consuming fear of yellow With the help of Volomir's excellent Brother Fonsel tutorial I'm starting to make some progress I think.

    Also started trying to work on one of the storm shields but it was a disaster. What I'd really like to do is have the middle parts of the crests resemble white marble with the trim and icons gold (and of course the base of the shield dark grey)... but I'm having a hell of a time getting it to read as "marble." I've found some help elsewhere on this forum but the effect is always green or some other color. Any suggestions on where I might be able to look for some ideas on a white marble? Really what I'd like to try to replicate is the same effect Forge World used on the Ultra Marine Primarch's base:

    Maybe its the colors I'm using but no matter how many squglie lines I put over a light bluegrey base it just sned up looking a mess. Any suggestions here or tutorials that anyone can point my way would be *greatly* appreciated.

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    Oy, how the heck did that not come up in my many permutations of "white", "marble", and "base" searches on Google. I'll have a watch. Thanks much Gandalf!

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    Got waylaid by family stuff over the long weekend here in the states so didn't get nearly as much painting done as I'd like. Still... managed to make a little bit of forward progress on the front of the model.

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    Adjust colors to your needs. I had a few more, but chest of colors has been down for months and the other site seems to be dead too.
    There are a few sections on a quick marble base I did in this long video if you have any questions:

    In addition to layering on colors in a wet on wet to get broad veins at around 5:20 you'll see me apply some heavy washes and then suck them back up with a brush after they have dried a little thus leaving a very nice natural vein pattern from the edges of the partially dried pool of wash o_O Never let your washes pool my ass. There is a use for everything!

    Cheers and keep up the great work!
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    Zab thank you! These are great sources of inspiration / help! I'm going to give it another go and see what I come up with. It's a little challenging as I want to use the inner parts of the storm shields as the marble but there isn't a ton of surface area to work with on the smaller ones. Makes it a bit tricky to get such a small area to read marble.

    Had a little more success the other night but only made it to granite and not to marble . Will give t another go after watching / reading these a few times.

    Many thanks!!

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    Have been way too busy of late to get any painting done That said I did get the chance to sit down last night and make some more progress on the Red Scorpion termie! Haven't fixed it in place yet but got some good work in on his head and popped it on to see what it looked like against the armor. Pretty happy with the result as white has always been a point of contention for me

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