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    Just wanted to say a big thank you to the players and the guys who ran the Rivet Wars event at the CMON expo 2 weeks ago. My son and I played in it and he is still talking about it! We had a great time and he's already looking forward to next year. Figured I would throw in a couple of pics for the people who couldn't be there. I highly recommend going if you can manage it as the expo was great last year and better this year. He says that since I won the event this year, next year he is gunning for the top spot (looking all serious in the sturmpanzer).

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    Hi abraxus,
    That's great! I'm glad you and your son had a nice time. And thanks for sharing the pictures, it certainly looks like a lot of fun.
    Did you guys get to try out the tabletop rules at all? Any thoughts?

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    Never got a chance to try out the tabletop rules, they were doing the game for that in the evening and the kids dragged me off to the pool. I think it could be fun but haven't see any of the details yet. I think they played on a 6x4 board with multiple people on each side. The guy running the event asked for my email saying they were going to be sending me some stuff but I haven't heard anything yet. I figured I would ask about it when they contact me, although it has been a couple weeks now and I am starting to wonder if it is still happening.

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